CRG Black Star fitment issues

The woes of building something from scratch continues. 2011 black star - large tillett T7 seat - X30 engine

As im placing the parts before permanently installing i’ve run into a small issue. The seat placement is close to measurements i’ve been given so i place the engine on the frame and see the hose going to the coolant port will end up having a pretty hefty kink to it wrapping around seat to the coolant port.
Engine is placed far enough back to clear the seat mount bar all while giving me minimal left over space to move engine back anymore (see it almost hits the cassette bracket)
It came with silicone hoses and be a shame if i couldnt use them. I didnt run into this issue with my old 08 KT1/leopard/factory seat. Do i need to find different coolant hoses or do i run it with the hefty bend?20181218_231208 20181218_231304 20181218_231322

Looks like i wont be able to run without the pump pulley either. 20181218_234559 20181218_234635

Found this black star with a pretty hefty bend, guess im just being overly concerned. But could someone tell me what seat position specs they have for a 2011 black star? blackstar

I would get a water hose with a bend in one end, that way it wont rub on the strut.
You should be able to trim the hose close to the bend so it is nice and close to the engine and clears the seat strut.

Just buy an elbow and cut the hose.

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There are plenty of 45º silicone bends out there. when i plumbed up my TM K9, i bought three 90º bends and three 45º bends and used in-line couplers to mate them together. i’d have preferred one continuous length of silicone hose, but sometimes you just need to make it work. That slight bend will not impede flow that much.

This was PSL’s baseline back when they ran CRG’s. But this was for Rotax and Mojo/YHC tires so you’ll have to experiment for yourself.PSL%20CRG%20MOJO-YHC%20SEAT%20POSITION%20
Here’s the baseline from them:
2 shims on the spindle
Rear 138 to 139.5
Axle M20 – T2
4mm toe out
4mm neg camber
Max caster

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Here’s the CRG 8 position caster/camber charts if you need them.Camber Caster Charts 8 pos.pdf (45.9 KB)


Really appreciate the replies guys. The CRG 8 position caster/camber chart is a bonus. I couldnt find anything on those!

This is helpful as well but measurement #3 isnt given?

Well they’re going from Italian, to French, to English so communication wasn’t the easiest.

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