Current OTK seat position chart?

Mounting a new seat and figured I’d double check against the chart since I was in a rush before my last race and just went for it moving the seat back an 1" Are we in agreement this is the current OTK seat placement guide with measurements being further back then the old chart? Assuming a Tillet T11 will be similar in measurements to OTK seat.

This is the correct chart for the newest models. You’ll know if it applies to your model, because if you try to set the seat in this spot on an older kart, it’ll hit the bend on the right-hand seat stay. On newer models they moved that bend/stay so the seat can move further back.

I’ve got mine set between this chart and the old chart for my 2020 kart and it feels balanced nicely. I know a few Masters guys who are running slightly forward from where this chart recommends too.

Perfect! Just wanted to confirm. It’s the first thing that pops up on an image search, but it’s from Koene which I’ve never heard of.

Unless OTK seats have changed recently, I’ve always found the measurements to be about 1-1.5cm shorter if using a Tillett, due to slight differences in the seat shape.

Essentially, the Tillett seats are slightly longer.

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Gotcha. I’ve got a new-ish OTK seat somewhere. I’ll put them together and see if the leg area is longer/shorter.

Koene are a big OTK team.

I should clarify that by “newer models” I mean 2021+. On my 2020 I hit the seat strut when trying to mount it according to this chart.

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I’ll second that this is the correct chart for “newer” karts but add that I’m running the seat on my '21 closer to the old settings than the new ones. This chart became a huge point confusion last season after I found the updated settings and had already mounted my seat exactly where it was on my '18 (slightly back of recommended settings for the older karts).

The thing scales 43/57 where I’ve got it which is where the kart feels like it drives the best so I’m not moving it back unless I really start to find issues I can’t tune around.

For everyone’s reference. ‘21 chassis. I got my Tillet T11 size ML back to 645 right side 650 left side, parallel and flush to the bottom frame rails. There is maybe an 1/8” gap to the small tube. No more room to slide any further back so I’m not sure where the over 650mm measurements are coming from or possible.

Edit: might just be down to the Tillet vs OTK and maybe the measurements are for a smaller seat?

In my ‘21 it was a similar experience. I think I may have gotten my Tillett back a hair further but no way to achieve the 665/670 measurements. This season I switched back to an OTK size 3 and the furthest back I could get was also 655mm with the bottom close to flush with the tubes. I’d have to think you’d need a size 2 or smaller to go further back. I’m right at 180CM tall so fall in-between on measurements. I’ve also found myself moving the seat further forward 10mm in warm weather anyway.

Has anyone scaled a kart using this chart? The weights must be closer to 40/60% than the usual 43/57%.

Mine was 42.5% front weight with the seat mounted as mentioned above. You’re going to have to scale for yourself though as everyone weighs different amounts and is built differently.

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Like Chris said depends on the person. I’m 5’9 175-180 lbs and pretty muscular. I scale in at 42% front for reference. Works for me, but I like a less reactive front end.

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Does anyone have the newer recomended seat posistions from OTK for the 2022 Racer 401RR OK-KZ (1045mm wheel base)?
Also does anyone have the newer OTK 2022 chassis setup guide?