Custom helmet designers?

Im looking into geting a painted helmets and im wondering if you guys have any recomendations of companys that design helmets?

Oktane Visuals/TJ Koyen in that very forum. He designed my helmet among many others, and he is very talented ! I am extremely happy with my helmet :slight_smile:

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Do you have a estemate for how much he would normaly charge?

His website has his pricing. Mine was a Spec 1 with a few addons for example

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Thanks ill look into him

I use Polen Designs, and have been quite happy with him.

Others I’m fond of would be Oktane Visual, Censport, and Indocil.


I’ve got some spare spray paint from a model I made. $10 and I’ll give it a shot

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Appreciate the shoutouts.

Would love to work on something for you Olivier, however I should note that I’m currently booked through August of 2022 so there is a pretty insane wait right now.

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Watch out for Elias and his rattle can. He’s gunning for Oktane.

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I’ve got several open spots, in fact, I can probably start a new paint job tonight!

jokes aside @tjkoyen makes helmets for indycar drivers, so he’s gonna be one of your best options

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hey so when I origianlly had my helmet painted it was done by a well known painter in the drift world other then that won’t mention his name but it was not painted to what we agreed upon so I never used the helmet, there was a big arguement etc etc , I still paid for it because it was just easier then arguing with the guy , best part was I sent him a brand new Stilo helmet with a brand new clear visor , what I got back was a helmet painted unlike we agreed upon and a scratched to shit and dull clear visor , anyways is it possible to send the helmet to someone else and have it stripped and repainted or do I have to buy a new helmet ?

We’ve had Airhead designs do one of ours. He’s going to be more of a freehand airbrush style vs geometric and taped.

Lot of guys out there just depends on the style you are after.

Repainting a helmet is usually a tough ask. I don’t do it and I don’t think most painters worth their salt would do it.

There is high potential for complications with the paint, not all paint brands work well tother so you could run into a whole host of paint issues with weird reactions or lifting or adhesion problems. So the only way is to strip all the paint off and that’s more work than it’s worth.

For those reasons I only paint new or very lightly used helmets.

thats what I figured , make perfect sense though well looks like I have a show piece then lol

JCB the French dude. One day….

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Jean-Christophe is a legend and a really nice guy to boot.

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Why not give it a shot yourself? is what I used on my kart and my car. I use an Olfa knife to cut it. If your design turns out badly, just peel it off and try again.

My brother got a JCB back in the 2000s, same for a childhood friend and karting rival. He is very good, but very expensive.

That’s my friend’s helmet from JCB


I’ve always liked this theme. If I get a new, blank lid, it’s probably going to be what I go with.

JCB lid is on my bucket list, kartworld 1st anniversary reward to self maybe :smiley: