Danny Ric Goes Karting with Jensen Button

Cool little video. Always enjoy seeing F1 drivers being punished by a kart. :smiling_imp:


Fun video. Yes, shifters do give your left wrist a real workout. Especially for us old guys…

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Daniel would make a great karting content creator (for want of a better term)


“all right, No laughing.”… proceeds to punt Jenson.

He is a natural on camera. I guess most of the F1 guys are pretty comfortable in front of camera, come to think of it. Few are as fun as Daniel, tho.

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I was happy when Ricciardo went to Mclaren, we now have the two funniest people Lando and Daniel as teammates :joy:

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Forgot to add. The 97 European Formula Super A champ looks pretty solid as well.

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It’s an almost annual event for Button…