December 2023 Forum Stats!

Whee, December forum stats…

Search impressions up from 1.43m in November to 1.6m in December.
Clicks a little bit down to 39k from 40k.

Other stats

  • Pageviews (hits) were 384,000 down from 419,000 in Nov.

  • Daily active users (A measurement of community health and “stickiness”) hit a peak of 50% averaged out around 32% which is down a bit from 37% in November. Anything above 20% these days is considered very solid in the online community space. 30’s is unicorn status.

  • Average session (visit) length was 3m 06m (Vs Nov at 3m 36s) across 55,000 visits (up from 48,000 visits in Nov)

If I get time I’ll do a 2022 vs 2023 summary…

Here’s November…