Declan's Karting survey for school

Hi all. I hope this is an appropriate place for this. My name is Declan Block and I go to school at American University. I am in an entrepreneurship class trying to build a platform for racing times and sponsors and I need to interview some drivers for the project. It would only take 15 minutes. Is there anyone who would be interested?

Thank you so much

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Welcome! Narrow it down a bit for us… any specifics? Most of us here are amateurs, but there are some pros.

Anyone who drives competitively. Either Pros or Amateurs.

What does this interview include?

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If you have a script you can just make a poll with the questions.

Declan just interviewed me over the phone. Was a nice chat!

“Hi Dom
I just wanted to say as someone on the outside it has been hard to find people to talk to but this was super helpful. I hate to bother you but if I could just have one last question. I need to interview five more people and am wondering if there is any direction I should look in. Also, I would love to follow your YouTube for my own enjoyment if possible.
Thanks again,

A polite young man. He needs 5 others to submit to his line of questioning, which was painless and interesting.

Let’s help him out.

This is my YouTube channel.

This is an example of how we use media to promote the sport and our personal careers…

Declan is working on an etrenreneurship project in college and is noodling a media/data/forum integration type community online.

Actually, you should @KartingIsLife
He started this site. Because reasons which might dovetail nicely with what we discussed.

I’m not following fully on the details, but I understand the overall idea…

Which site?

Kartpulse. I was talking about you. I was saying that he should @ you, specifically.

Long story short: Declan
is working on a group class project for entrepreneurship class at American U.

The idea he articulated was a social media type product, like a forum, but one that focuses on individual drivers and career results/story/multimedia/rankings etc.

I think his idea seeks to somehow combine into a portal all of sorts all the disparate things we use to understand our results/relative performance/etc.


Got it. @Declan , drop me a message and we can chat. I can share some info on what NOT to do :smiley: