The SuperLeague at Supercharged Edison

This Thread is open to others experiences, observations, questions etc. Feel free to tell your stories/ask questions below. Also, if anyone sees anything incorrect, let me know. This is what I understood from driver’s meeting, so far.

Edit: supercharged does not appear to mention the league on their website. I had sent an email to the facility inquiring about leagues and that’s how I discovered one was starting up. I get the impression that they communicate via Facebook posts.

The League at Edison Supercharged

I joined the grid for Edison Supercharged’s inaugural league, and had my first heats on Weds night (9/13/23). I shall endeavor to provide some color for those interested in taking part, here.

What is it: A 6 night, 2-heat a night, time-trial league.

How it works: Race meeting at 6ish. Followed by heats. The field has been divided into 8 groups of 16 drivers. The first two weeks are quali. Based upon our times, we will put into a group with those at similar pace. Weeks 3-6 will presumably be for points and standing.

Some ground rules:
The ruleset is a bit different but I think it will work out once the magic sorting hat does its thing. What makes things a bit unusual is that the race director wants slower karts to move out of the way of faster karts. When you see the blue flag, they want you to immediately go off line and let the other guy through. One is allowed to pass, you don’t have to wait for the other kart to go offline. I asked if one could bump draft and they said, no.

Heat 1

Heat 2

For quali, this passing system did not work out, imho. But, I think it will be fine when all the karts on track are of similar pace. The problem in quali was that the slower drivers were unable to move off line fast enough for the fast drivers.

As you aren’t supposed to bump draft or put your nose on anyone, the slower kart is oblivious (electrics don’t have the engine noise that we sense in gas karts behind us). So, they have to see the flagger and move, which takes folks that aren’t super confident a few seconds to adjust to, (assuming they see flag) which means that the fast boys and girls will be a bit frustrated. With 13 laps in traffic, wasting a lap kind of stinks, but that’s the job we are given to deal with.

Bring your clubs for the fancy driving range next door

Since the folks were told to “get out of the way”, I was anticipating chaos if I attempted a standard pass, expecting folks to swerve off line once they realized there was a kart on them. So, I did my best to be patient and civilized, but executed relatively few fluid passes as a consequence.

After a few laps, it was pretty clear that bump drafting is gonna be necessary for folks to get with the program of how they want passing to go down. So, I did put nose on tail a bit, which worked fine with folks at pace, but did involve getting collected up in a couple spins on newer drivers who would occasionally lock up in turns. I’m not concerned at all because once we are sorted, pace will be fine and we will be able to play nicely together.

The track and karts:
I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this. The karts are recent rimo electrics. Both karts I had drove perfect. No bent spindles, etc. The fleet has parity. The league karts and track are prepared for the races and we race at speed 4. The karts do feature canned engine noises but I don’t mind it at all. Silly but fun.

The track is brilliant. It’s got very little in terms of straights and features constant elevation changes. At speed 4, the karts are able to overdrive the turns, significantly (unlike speed 3). So, the driving is extremely technical. There is an amazingly fun right hander corkscrew down with a tight left exit that is well worth the visit.

The closing corkscrew complex

The track is wide enough to sprint race on, but for now, the TT will have to do. It would be amazing fun racing this track against my TKC pals, for example.

My one gripe is lighting. The track is black. The room is black. The track barrier periphery is black. The whole thing is a light sink and has many dark spots. Also, since black sucks up reflected light, light sources turn into point sources and you run from patch of light to patch of light. As I had not lapped here before, I had a flat out “Oh shit” moment where I went into a blind chicane and couldn’t see as it was suddenly dark. I kept foot in, and my vision adjusted. The video footage makes it seem brighter on track than it was, to me. I’m 53 and my night vision isn’t what it used to be.

Andretti LED strip border lighting

I would recommend to Supercharged that they consider using led strips like Andretti does on their barriers. Problem solved. Or, paint the place a lighter color, please.

The first night went off well but had some growing pains as everyone gets used to the format. We started late and got done 10:30ish. I anticipate that future nights will be a 2-3 hr thing.

The race director is also the GM and is named Will. He appears to have experience herding cats. He was articulate and clear, which was helpful. I am not concerned about the unusual passing method he wants, I assume he knows best given the unique nature of doing TT races in a packed, urban Nj indoor facility.

I shall keep you guys posted as to my progress. Some of the folks I know from racing are taking part as well, and there’s plenty of competition. In my heats I came in second place for group 6, behind my TKC pal, Alex. My first laps out were 45ish. The top pace were 44s. Also, no lead for weight balancing. Alex and Brandon both are familiar with layout and managed mid/low 44s.

Closing thotts: I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. The driving is excellent, I personally could use another 15-20% power so that we could get into real trouble! The uphill bit bogs a bit. At speed 4, tho, the karts are plenty fun! On a final note, security will wave a wand over you so leave your weapons at home.

Edit: One thought that occurs to me is that this seems like a great way for new karters to get a taste of racing. Because it draws so many people, they can field many groups of people that are at the same level, basically. So, new racers will get to learn together without having to worry about having experienced drivers breathing down their necks. Basically, it looks like with 8 splits, there’s a good field for everyone thats interested.

TT isn’t racing against others, so they won’t learn racecraft as readily but they will learn some. There is passing in this league and that will become less of a shitshow after groups get sorted. So, they will get experience in traffic. And, it being TT, this will teach them the mental game of managing yourself/kart with a limited number of laps/time to complete the task.

So, my thought is, if someone has messed around in a kart but has been hesitant to join a league, wondering if they are good enough to go race, well, here you go. It’s a great start, it seems.

Also, this is a reasonable ask for what you get. I think they charged me $475 for the series. Thats 6 race nights of 2 races a night, 13 laps each. Reasonable as compared to their 3 sessions for $88 deal, which are 7 min sessions on speed 3.

The primary value is the fact that you are driving speed 4, which is another world when compared to the non-league speed 3. The kart awakens in speed 4, becoming torquey, agile, able to break grip, while giving you brief but vigorous pull between corners.

Also, we got a little card that gets 15% off at the restaurant and 10% off general sessions if speed 4 isn’t exciting enough. :hamburger:

Thanks to all who came and to all who made the race happen! I had a ball and look forwards to track 2.

Standings as of 9/13/23

Page 1


Supercharged Edison Wednesday League (Y1S1 Week 1).xlsx (107.0 KB)

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That track at those speeds looks like a blast. I have done speedway karting in Indianapolis a couple of times and felt like the karts just lacked the umph to pull the hills. Also very tight in most passing zones which felt frustrating. They ran electric karts.

Also tried K1 Boston, with gas karts and multi level track. Loved the track, but felt cramped in the kart.

Summer '22 visited me my brother in South Florida and we went to Extreme Action Park. Again, gas karts, but on a flat track. I prefer the elevation changes of the multi level indoor tracks.

In all cases with rental karts, nothing beats an outdoor asphalt track for width, grip or shear pace. Although, level 4 could be fun at places. Is there a level 5? That reminds me, @Richard_Jacques , how is the rental kart track coming?

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Honestly, dunno about lvl 5. All I’ve experienced is 3 and 4. The race director said that there was no boost available. They have a button that gives you speed 4 for a few seconds or something when in speed 3 general sessions.

I have to say this was surprisingly good. The grunt of the kart, how it puts down the power was really well suited to the scale of the place and how the course flows. These karts have chainsaw low end and a quick midrange, topping out even quicker, and linear. You’ll note that there are no straights and it keeps you from every really being able to run a “limiter” for long.The circuit swoops, bobs, and shimmies a lot, and you have the power to get into trouble, if you are not accustomed to torque. A fella in the same race as me was saying on reddit how he found it very challenging to adapt that night to speed 4, for example:

I’m a new karter in a new racing league where the speed of everyone’s kart is unlocked to the maximum speed for the first time, so everyone is having trouble re adjusting. You could originally do the entire track without lifting your foot off the throttle, but not any more. It is VERY easy to slide in a lot of spots which causes me to lose momentum.

I have only been here once before on track 2 and in a general session at speed 3. My take was, “Cool, but I won’t be back. The karts underdrive the course. Seeya.”. However, speed 4 or league speed or whatever it is, is powered correctly to the scale of the track. It could use another 10-20%, imho, but top splits only or something, because things would get interesting.

I could hear you kissing a few barriers as you came rounding some corners. I did a lot of that at Speedway. It does scrub sped, but not as bad as missing the apexes. Overall I think you did well catching up to the guy in front of you, but there were several corners he dropped you. I would focus on those turns and see if that can get you near the lead of your front pack.

p.s. why is a 50+ guy up and on the internet after midnight? :rofl:

Edit: p.p.s. Some of the sections of corners you treated like straights and although electric, It sounded like you hit max rpm a few times.

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Oddly, the canned noises do a very good job of translating power delivery. It’s accurate, sound wise if it were revs.

Bear in mind that these were literally my first laps on this track, straight to quali. So, I am just happy I made division one. Nothing like learning a track, in the dark, with bizarre passing rules, while trying not to go slow. Great success! :grinning:

I’m staying up avoiding KartKraft and the .008 I have been chasing and prettifying the thread with better images.

Yeah mate still in funding progress. I’m chasing now the last investors i need to close the round. Had to expand the plan a little to make it more attractive so now we’re planning 3 centers in 3 cities, with a longer term aspiration of becoming the K1 Speed kind of franchise operation of Asia. Turnkey service from market research to opening.


I thought I was getting punchy when the thread was changing as I read it. :rofl:

This is pretty exciting stuff. If this comes to pass, you should give us the long story.

I think I have enough material to write a book :joy:

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Volume 1: The Sending

Rolling momentum music

The Altai people (Altay: Алтай-кижи, romanized: Altay-kiji), also the Altaians (Altay: Алтайлар, romanized: Altaylar), are a Turkic ethnic group of indigenous peoples of Siberia mainly living in the Altai Republic, Russia.[10][11] Several thousand of the Altaians also live in Mongolia (Altai Mountains) and China(Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang) but are not officially recognized as a distinct group[2] and listed under the name “Oirats” as a part of the Mongols, as well as in Kazakhstan where they number around 200.[12]


FYI, if anyone is interested, here’s the company that designed the tracks for Supercharged.
They also have done some Andretti locations, RPM, etc. The RPM in Jersey city was recently redesigned by them as well.

Teamsport The Wall Utrecht, Netherlands

A clean layout with bridge that looks racey

And, here’s Rimo’s site. The model we are on is the Sinus Ion with roll bar option and standard belt system.

Optional Equipment: I’ll take the weight system, padded tillet seat, and harness, please :grinning:

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Indoor footage w/laptimer

Came across this footage which has a nice lap timer and display. I asked on YouTube what he used to accomplish this and the answer was “davinci resolve”.

I am guessing this doesn’t use GPS since there’s no LOS for satellites indoors. Gopro telemetry doesn’t work indoors.

I happened to watch some NJMP race practice footage right after the Supercharged footage.

It is interesting how different the driving is on paved normal length track. The pace is higher and the energy cycle of the turns is much longer. You also have longer between corners, more time to get lost in thought and veg out, on outdoors tracks.

I enjoy the torquey, quick nature of this indoors karting as well. I think indoors karting is great, given enough oomph! Speed 4 is pretty racey and fulfilling.

I wonder which is more accessible from a getting used to it standpoint, twisty indoors short tracks versus longer asphalt outdoors. I’d imagine the sensation of bearing down on t1 at NJMP at 50mph to be challenging in a different way than linking buzzsaw low end tight chicanes to a newer racer.

Weds Sep 20, 2023

We are returning for week 2/6 tonight. It would appear that we will run in new splits based upon last weeks results. I just squeaked into division 1, securing 10th overall.

Tonight we will be running track 2, I believe. My sole previous visit to Supercharged was on track 2 at speed 3. It’s got more straights than the other layout and should have higher average speed.

Here’s some footage from my previous visit at speed 3. There is an opener lap at crawling pace which allows you to see the entire track minus one cutback. Might be helpful.

More to come, later. Race starts 6pm.


Superleague at Edison Supercharged, Rounds 3 and 4, 9/20/23


Tonight went off very well, imo. We got straight to business with Group 1 (mine) being called 6pm, pronto. Then, about an hour or so later, we had our second race. Easy Peasy! The kinks appear to have been worked out, and the evening went fast.

Today we raced on Track 2, which is the “long” course. It features more opportunities to run on the limiter and is generally less technical. It is an interesting drive and one that needs a tad more oomph in the kart.

There’s a couple turns that would benefit from higher entry speed, to bring braking into play. With the regenerative engine braking, I am unsure whether the left foot has much of a role. Because of the torqey power delivery, you drive with right foot and throttle modulation dumps speed. It would be nice to have some turns where no braking = wall nap, but braking here, alas, is not a requirement.

It’s still a hoot, though. I found the entrance to the downhill slide and the final cutback in the dark to be challenging. These are the two turns that seem to benefit from some braking. Also, the right onto the final fast bit, perhaps.

Overall, though, you carry more speed and there are some really good moments, linking turns on limiter. It’s nice to have a less intense lap, actually.

Heat 1, Race 3

First race, I had a Gopro fiasco. The camera just decided to power down and die while getting in kart. I was able to get help and get it back going but, the angle got messed up. So, race 3 footage is garbage, alas.

Some folks on track 2 corkscrew up

But, that’s ok because I had some challenges initially where me and another fella of similar pace kept getting flagged over each other’s pace, which we eventually worked out. In the first session, I kinda got my feet under me, revisiting these turns at speed 4 for the first time. I ended up doing fine, placing 6th in heat 1 (race 3).

I spent the time between races chatting with folks. There’s a bunch of folks between 20-65 doing this so plenty of people to meet.

James and Richard, between heats

I am also seeing familiar faces. I’ve raced Richard, here at NJMP before. He’s 65, I believe and is a very fast 250lbs of efficiency. Despite his massive weight disadvantage, he does very well, placing in division one. He also has a monumental proskill and is #1, by far…

Mega Proskill score

Proskill explained: not hugely relevant to series but fun stuff

He’s really not thrilled about losing proskill for the league as “losing” any race costs him a lot of points. But, we are told that the weight balancing is coming next series, which will be more fair, so he’s happy about that.

I also met James, who is brand new to racing and is having a good time so far. Welcome to the fun! I met another few guys as well, all of whom were pleasant folk. Seems like a lot of guys did motocross.

The next heat came quickly. I actually did pretty well, I thought, and found some gaps where I got a semblance of a groove going. Brandon started out in front, with me right behind, and I hoped to stick with him as long as I could. Eventually he found track and I then had fun with others, ultimately chasing down Alex and making a pass or two.

Heat 2 (race 4)

I just focused on trying to keep the kart tight to the line and rolling, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover I podiumed. I was super pleased to have just made it into the 48’s, as well.

We will get the overall results tomorrow from Will. I believe we will have one more re-adjustment of splits based upon this weeks results. I hope I did well enough to remain in division one. We shall see.

Track 2 from viewing platform

Congrats to all, and I hope all had a ball! Thanks again to Will and the Supercharged gang. They managed to get us in and out in under 2 hours, which was awesome!

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Drone footage (not NJ location)

Someone did some cool drone chase footage at another supercharged facility. It’s pretty neat:

Results and Final groupings

Here are the results from Will. He has finalized the splits and divided us up based upon our qualifying times over the last 4 heats. It appears that the average best laptime of our 4 races determines our split.

I am pleased to discover that I was able to remain in division one, finishing 11th overall. Hopefully everyone had a good time and got faster!

I quote our race director, Will,

May the odds be in your favor,
-The Commish


Given the crowds, they should do “Heavy” and “Light” fields. 185+ is heavy. But the stopwatch seems to have allowed some of us non-yoots to make d1, (Richard and me, perhaps more).

Richard must have a killer line and really nice footwork to place top 10 despite clocking in 80lbs heavier than me, (and I’m 50lbs heavier than Brandon in top spot).

If you stop to think about it, Richard (250lbs, 49.190s) is driving with an extra Brandon (120lbs, 48.523s) in his kart, in terms of weight. That’s a 130lb weight difference, folks! For comparison, at my 170lb weight, I ran 48.954.

Thinking this through: difference between me and Brandon is 50lbs and about .4s. That’s normal and to be expected, approx .1 per 10lbs.

The difference between me and Richard is 80lbs and approximately .2s, total, only. He is probably very efficient as his pro skill means he has a lot of laps under his belt.

The question is, at speed 4, how quick is his best gonna be? I’m guessing he’s getting close to the sharp end of his pointy stick, given our big weight differential and small time differential. His fastest lap in heat 1 was 49.173, very similar to heat 2 at 49.190s. While he knows the line, speed 4 is new, so undoubtedly he will find more time as we learn the kart.

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Fastest lap of Day

Just for fun, I hand timed my session.

As goes sim, so goes irl: 2x 49.21, 2x 49.22

I am pleased with the dispersion. Considering that I have only a few laps here, I was able to be pretty consistent.

I would have liked to be more experimental and try some different braking but I didn’t have too much leeway, it being quali. So, I instead looked to run an efficient line and not push too hard.


FYI if you are recording your Supercharged League races and want to post them here, please do!

Ok so I dress up a lil for my racing, might as well look the part and role play racing life.

To that end, I have worn my korsasport T week 1, my Touring Kart Championship jersey week 2.

I need a new shirt to continue the theme and was thinking about Alan’s series:



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