Developments in Nj/Ny

What I really want to know is realistically if there will be a series to run KA100 senior in within a couple hours of Philadelphia :joy:

I was excited about the state championship :frowning:

Oddly the 100cc in the state championship seemed to have low participation and wasn’t competitive. My pal Ben tried it and the grids were similar to my old masters grid 8-10 karts, but with mixed ages.

The focus really was 125tag.

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I’m not opposed to that honestly. I’ve had grids of 4-5 karts produce the most exciting racing. I’ll wait and see :slight_smile:

There is OVRP in Cuddebackville for 100cc. It seems to be growing there. And there is also a series called the Spartan series that races at BWI, OVRP, and Lafayette were you can run a 100cc.

BWI might be the closest track. Not sure how many 100cc they get.

Yeah but the way the TKC series works is they rent the facility and do actual races. Very few of the indoor places have leagues, it seems.

Shoutout to Speed Raceway in Cinnaminson, NJ and Horsham, PA for having a racing league. I got a call about an 8 race series starting in Sept for 250 bucks at Horsham. 1 hour race on Monday nights, at 7 or 8pm:

Yeah… OVRP and Lafayette are both a little too far for me. BWI looks interesting, I’ll check that out.

It appears that Keith Raffa (Full tilt) is stillworking on a series. More to come as I hear news.

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I appreciate it!

20 char

I may have imagined this, but I had thought NJMP was (or had) run parallel series under their name: the rental/arrive and drive league and then an owner league.

If the rumor comes to fruition, its a darn shame, I live 20 minutes down away from Englishtown at the beach and 2 hours from NJMP.

NJMP has been running weekly rental race series and monthly rental enduros for a while. Owner karts seem to use liberator as a practice track. I don’t know of a series other than Marco’s Fseries that ran two stroke regularly there. There are some traveling events that go there too (Stars this year).

Keith Raffa is working on something to replace the void left by fseries departure. I have heard from friends that something is happening but no details as of yet.

I’m speaking from the depths of memory from the earlyish 2000s. I was there once for an open practice day and as I re-enter karting (never was in too deep), its amazing how different things are. KT100? Tony Kart chassis naming conventions? PRD Fireball?

I believe I had the open practice on either Lightning or Thunderbolt, large tracks for a greater opportunity to embarrass myself.

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@DIG78x Did you ever end up checking out BWI? Good crew down there, highly recommend it for 2023!

On the topic of 100cc, the growth of the class has lagged behind the rest of the country. Between the strong Rotax roots and Marco not being a supporter of the lower horsepower classes, it’s been a slow burn. The KA Stars class at NJMP was the lowest total entry count of the season IIRC

Hopefully Alec and Keith are able to put something together. The Northeast can’t take another hit imo

The lo field was just 8-10 guys sadly at NJMP stars. Seems like a good race and I would have thought more 4-strikers woulda jumped on the opportunity. Maybe the message didn’t get out.

The old Yamahas are pretty much gone from the scene. Marco had a 100cc catch all class which had Samantha and her father John on them but I think they were the last holdouts and that was 5 years ago.

I have not seen a PRD in a while, either!

Pretty sure weekdays is open practice still. I think they keep the top track open for rentals only and use lib for the folks lapping on their own karts in. You can still come embarrass yourself, I think.

Also, Keith Raffa’s outfit which is 1/2 race team 1/2 rental business now runs two stroke rentals on modern equipment out of NJMP, I am told.

I have not yet! I do now live in Philly though (was in Chicago) so I’m much much closer now. Waiting to hear about the developments :slight_smile: In the meantime, im getting my ducks in a row for next year.

Maybe there’s hope for NJMP


I got scooped by Justin! Thanks for the link and news.

We have had preliminary discussions with various stakeholders in the region and have support from the following: Mike Doty Racing, Keith Raffa and Full Tilt Racing, Adam Pettit of Solo Kart, Eric Jones of IAME East/MG Tires, John Bonanno of Fulcrum Motorsports, Bob Falcone of Swiss Hutless, John Ferris III of Team Ferris Racing, J3 Competition, Alec Vidal, Matteo Juliano, Touring Kart Championship and Gerry White of Kart Works."

The gangs all here.

The schedule so far is odd. Big gaps.

Preliminary race dates at New Jersey Motorsports Park’s Tempest Raceway are:

• March 25-26
• April 22-23
• September 9-10
• November 4-5

If BWI is Baltimore that’s a very enjoyable track and a good location. It doesn’t have any straights but makes up for it in aprons.

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If they are just getting this together they are more than likely trying not to double-book with other regional events (Rotax and Spartan are two that come to mind)

Curious what they have in mind though.

Does NJMP close the track for the winter? I left a voicemail for Jerrica and an email, my idea was to combat winter blues by spending a day at the track.

I was wondering the same about Englishtown, but if the above is true, it may be a moot point.