Developments in Nj/Ny

Good question and I am not sure. I usually wind down in November. The car tracks appear to be open, so perhaps yes.

Found a link to karting practice schedule:

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Just after this block of text, it says, “In addition to the above dates, Northeast Karting Alliance is expected to host races at two additional East Coast circuits.”

So looks like that may be just for NJMP.

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I may need to “make a group of friends” for track rental!

From what I’ve been told by some friends that run a series, NJMP asks for a very large pile of money for fulltrack rentals. Open Practice days are reasonable however.

In that case, who needs friends anyway?

Made today:

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That should be fun. Hope to get out there eventually.

“Tag will consist of rotax, iame and rok but will be separate podiums. Whoever sponsors the class or series will get a trophy. Like if IAME sponsors then whoever is running x30 will get a trophy, Vice versa. And they’ll add lo206 if people want to”

So sayeth Ethan who his tight with Keith

so if its rotax 1, 2, x30 3rd and rotax doesn’t sponsor, 1st and 2nd go home empty handed?

I shall put your question to Ethan.

Thanks! I’ll be there with a Rok shifter.

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Okay first of all let me clear this up for everyone. I work very closely with Keith Raffa and others.

  1. The series isn’t solely managed by one person. Raffa does legally own it though. Instead it is run by all the northeast team owners as the BOD.

  2. The Amazon wear house purchase is still pending. So as of right now, Etown isn’t going anywhere.

  3. The series is open to any suggestions you may have. The lo206 will be added if there’s enough people to run it.

  4. All classes will be running MG Red tires.

  5. Whoever sponsors the class (ex: IAME or ROTAX) will be awarded trophy’s on the podium. Tag senior (and others) will be multi class with rotax, iame, and rok. Each engine will have its own championship.

  6. Entry fees will be $100.

  7. The series name is “NORTH EAST KARTING CHALLENGE”.

  8. There is no plan to run the full track at NJMP due to it costing around $18k to rent for the weekend. So NJMP gave us 4 weekends of the year and they plan on running Friday unofficial practices before those weekends. But they plan on running etown and ovrp (a few night races at those tracks too).

  9. The full schedule should be coming out very soon, within a week or two.

  10. Also we may run NJMP Liberator on different configurations not just different chicane variants.

I hope this helped anyone. Please feel free to contact me on discord: Eth4n#0004


I’ll be running KA100 with them.

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Thanks for the update Ethan.

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Thank you for the clarity, @Eoring4 !

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Any idea if they will be requiring x30 Jr to run the new style pipe and electronics?

Not that I know of but most people are running it anyways.

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Every program in this area requires the new pipe, no?

That is nuts. I guess they are not interested in having karting grow and succeed in south NJ.

For perspective, I used to rent the full car track at Mont-Tremblant for a little more than that 10 years ago.