Developments in Nj/Ny

You and I have both been going there long enough, that’s not surprising :joy: The hassle they gave us at Stars was really icing on the cake

NJMP can be a tad baffling.

Chris’s Northeast leg at NJMP was on the top track only, I think due to cost as well. Ironically I only saw 1 or two rental sessions go to lib that day.

Appreciate the info! I added you on Discord.

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It’s around $16k to rent the pitt kart track for a weekend…

Can you add me back? I declined by accident lmao.

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Something on FB re new series:



Thank you for the update as I do not have any social media.

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Wow! 10 races is stellar, not counting the winter warm up. Awesome awesome.

Really high hopes for this series. Depending on how sponsorship talks go over the winter who knows, maybe getting back into a kart for additional training and seat time could be a possibility.


Good luck on the sponsor hunting! :crossed_fingers:

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Old Man Army. I’ll have to look into it, I suppose!

Thank you so much! Have a couple leads at the moment.

Are you gonna try to arrange something for cars again? @AndreLafond

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Yeah. Talking to a couple teams currently. Just working on getting some backing together.

Anyone know what’s up with Solo kart? Saw that their social media has been silent for quite some time, their website is down, etc…

Curious what happened there especially since they are one of the main sponsors of the Northeast karting series.

As far as I know, they’re no longer making any karts. The owner’s kid now runs on Magik, but I don’t know much more than that.

Interesting. I did have an opportunity to test one once and I enjoyed it.

So is the F Series only Englishtown and NYRC?

I do not have social media, so I might be in the dark.

Speak to Tim Hannen at OVRP in Cuddebackville, NY. They are a dealer and had/have karts in stock. I drove a new one in April/May, I liked it. Tim will know the answer.

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