Do old Gillard / P.d.b karts dont have homologation plate?

Hello Forum…

I have bought and old Gillard / P.d.b kart, for a project I have.

But now I have realised, that I can’t find any homologation plate on the chassis. Only a number on one of the bearing holders.

Help please , or a place where I could ask

Is it a full-size chassis or cadet? Usually there is a homologation tag on the rear crossbar. Do you have any other photos of the kart you can post?

Some national series don’t require homologated chassis so that might be what you’re seeing. In the UK I don’t think TKM chassis had to be homologated, @Alan_Dove can probably confirm.

You could try PDB/Gillard to see if they have a record for that serial number.

Yes its full size (1040)

No other numbers. How do i contact them ? I did write an email to this site. But no response :frowning:

I got the chassis re-paintet. It was original in red.

Looking at the geometry of the frame it could be the 010B Chassis

Edit. So it must be the 010B but the TKM version. So there was no homologation for that one

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Then it make sense. Do you have any more info ?
Everything is appreciated?
I’m from EU (Denmark) but maybe they newer raced it here ?

No the class is UK only

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Here’s TKM’s website. Let us know how you get on!

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So they could tell me something ? I can’t find anything about Gillard / pdb on the site.

This tingled my spidey senses. Theres a few things that don’t look right:

  • The bottom steering support doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen on a Gillard
  • The holes in the front axles c are only large enough for 8mm bolts, pretty sure most people run 10mm now (including Gillard).
  • The seat support on the engine side is very specific, most of the Gillards I’ve seen have it mounted entirely on the cross bar at the rear.
  • I thought Gillard had its own brake homologation (the image you sent was an SKM brake).

So what I think you have (if it truly is a gillard) is a kart built for Formula A (which didn’t require homologation) somewhere between 2003 and 2005. It was rumored that De Bruijn built his own karts and slapped a Gillard logo on them so somethings would have been different.

If you can find the brake homologation number on the brake caliper that might help track down a year.


This number ?

Also it came with this motor


This is clear that the chassis is from somewhere 2000s. My first gillard was from 2008 and it also had 8mm bolts. The originsl brakes could have been removed abd replaced with that from skm.

@Silverline how do you know that this could be a gillard?

@Atom1kk by the stickers it had, when i bought it. (On chassis, fuel tank and steering wheel)

I too owned a Gillard from '08. Lots of indications that this kart was from a time before that era (early 2000’s?), and likely made in a different factory.

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I got a replay from : They told me, that they dont think its a gillard / pdb ?? But maybe something made by SKM ??

Skm made only parts. Not karts. But for what do you need the make of the chassis

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Just out of interest. And why there is no homologation plate.

PDB has had karts made by other people (Falcon by Parolin and Maddox by CRG) and SKM have made entire karts before (i think Italkart was made by them at one point).

The brake caliper I’ve tracked as far back as an SKM pricelist from 2003. I believe its the SKM EVO2 system.

Next port of call would be call PDB: +31 104 359 688

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