Driving feedback for Road America [Video]

a few laps from pks.
if anyone knows where i can improve ill gladly take the advice

Be more assertive, the driver in front held you up for most of that video. Your corner speed was higher then them and at least once you are closer enough to touch their rear bumper but you don’t make the move.

You seemed to be turning in momentarily too early into the final corner which always put you on the back foot down the straight.

Generally good though, smooth (for sure in comparison to the driver in front), looks fast, you just need to overtake.

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At 2:20 were you running out of track? I can’t see why you paused on the pass attempt. Nice driving imho. I’d like to compare to a Gopro session to see how the track surface changed things up.

Not too bad. The two main key spots to make up time at RA are the first chicane and the right-hand carousel. Your chicane doesn’t look bad. Just want to make sure you’re getting on the throttle absolutely as early as possible there which it mostly looks like you’re doing.

The top of the hill you’re a bit delayed to the throttle there. Definitely another spot you want to throttle up as early as possible so you get the run down the hill.

I think on the off-camber left at the bottom of the hill, you can be more aggressive on initial input. It’s so important to get the kart rotated by all means necessary here, because the track falling away means you’ll never get the kart to stick. So I would say use a bit more brake pressure at the end of the braking zone to get the kart to turn on the brakes a bit more so you can get to throttle earlier. In a rare instance, I’m actually saying you’re too smooth here.

Downhill right looks good, nice job keeping it tight and tidy there. Really easy to go wide and lose time on the exit.

Double-lefts looks good and tight there while still under control.

Carousel is where you lose a chunk I think. The fast guys REALLY drive it in hard there, braking so late they’re almost in the corner, and they really diamond the corner off a bit more. Use the first apex area as a zone to slow the kart down, get it rotated in the center, and roll into throttle early, keeping it low on the exit. You’re too focused on making it a late apex, when it needs to be more of a double-apex.

I somewhat disagree with Nik for the final corner in that you are a tick early, but you can get away with it in this corner because it’s progressively banked and the corner opens up on exit as well. But I do think you can carry more speed and use more of the road on exit. I use that access road as a bit of run-off to help carry more momentum. The problem with trying to aggressively set this corner up by opening the entry is that the kart usually doesn’t like the super quick change of directions and has a tendency to snap at the apex of the last corner if you give it too much input. Especially bad if that happens as this is the corner before the straight and the slowest corner on the track. I turn in a similar place as you but try to let it track out up the banking a bit more on exit.

Not a bad lap but the problem is little things make a bit difference here. And I think that being ultra-smooth isn’t necessarily the key and one of the things that I probably struggled with as well. You have to chuck the kart around pretty hard in a few spots to get the rotation you need due to the odd cambers and bankings on a lot of the corners, which can feel a bit unnatural sometimes.

I’ll post my video here tonight hopefully.


I always get yelled at for being so aggressive on initial turn-in, but then I watch one of Ryan’s videos and he looks so violent on initial input. Seems like he was relly getting after it and hustling the kart around like TJ mentioned.

You can be aggressive on the initial input like Ryan does, but the key to why he is fast and why that works is because he doesn’t go over the tire’s limit. He’s got such a good feel for the kart he can make a quick aggressive move that like and know exactly how to catch it before the tire starts to slide.

And of course, usual caveat, he doesn’t do that in every turn or every track. Different turns require different styles and the ability to master those multiple styles is what makes a more complete driver.

It’s really impressive to watch him make that aggressive input, catch it, and just stone hand it thru the turn so smooth. It’s something I’m always working on to keep my hands still mid corner and not over correct every little movement the kart makes. Hoping it becomes a subconscious thing soon.

Dirt tracker in me really wants to just sling it in there and counter steer out.


It is amusing watching Norberg’s tires come in, in that footage. His driving sorta changes as they heat. That looks like a oretty physical experience. There’s quite a bit of rapid turning the kart over in chicanes that looks rather tiring.

Agreed. Looks like he gets less aggressive on the wheel around halfway to go, but man he snaps the wheel hard for the first 5 laps or so.


Even with what looks like a couple of clicks of positive camber you’re not using much of the front tires. Even in the video, they look to have that more polished look. Looks pretty slidey in the rear the whole stretch after you come down from the top of the hill.

This was Thursday so I didn’t have positive camber in yet, but yeah hard to use the whole tire at 20 psi. A tick free too because the track was still so green. It’s hard because after you come down that hill, the left hander is very off-camber, so the kart will always been sliding there. Difficult to show on the video just how cambered the track is.

Tires definitely weren’t polished though, even on a Thursday.

Gothca. Just looked like the kingpin was leaned outboard a bit in the video. Forgive me as I don’t know the Turn #s, but seems like you were narrow on entry for these set of corners and not turning in from the edge of the track. Just not worth the time/effort tracking all the way out?

At this point in the weekend, the kart was still 100% neutral on setup.

So the first image you have isn’t the corner you have pointed out on the track map. The first one on the track map (right-hander) is a steep downhill drop that is banked and the radius opens on exit, so you need to get down to the curb early and then let the kart track out on exit as the banking catches you. Plus, the entry is curved as you come off that curb, so there isn’t really a way to set up wide anyway.

The first on-board image is off the double-rights or carousel just before the final section. There you need to turn in earlier too to double-apex it, rather than sticking out wide and late apexing it. Since you’re chopping off the exit to set up for the right-hander that comes next, you need to keep the kart fairly slowed down through the second apex anyway, so late apexing it only makes the corner longer and costs time. Like I mentioned to Olivier:

The fast guys REALLY drive it in hard there, braking so late they’re almost in the corner, and they really diamond the corner off a bit more. Use the first apex area as a zone to slow the kart down, get it rotated in the center, and roll into throttle early, keeping it low on the exit. You’re too focused on making it a late apex, when it needs to be more of a double-apex.

The next corner you pointed out on your track map (double-left) is another one that opens up on the exit, so you can take more liberties at the entry since you’ll be tracking out more on the exit anyway. There’s also a little bit of a ripple in the track closer to that entry outside curb so braking and turning in there makes it super easy to upset the kart. The most important thing in that corner is getting the kart down to the apex at all costs and letting it down around the bottom. If you swing out too wide in the middle of those two apexes, it just slides and opens you up for an overtake into the next corner.


Man, Norberg makes it look easy! I’m surprised at how late he gets on the throttle, but he’s also braking well into the corners.

Here’s a few laps from the end of Saturday’s X30 Masters prefinal. I don’t think this was the quickest I ran over the weekend, but it was still probably among my better consecutive laps that I strung together - always helps when you’re chasing someone


It’s hard to tell from video but it appears that some of those turns look banked ot at least heavily cambered. Was there a bunch of elevation changes?

Chicane (T1) is pretty flat, but uphill with high curbs, T2 is heavily banked, T3 is massively off-camber, the next section is downhill and then the right-hander is a big downhill drop. Then the bottom section is basically flat, expect the last corner is banked.

Thanks! Hard to tell from video. Even hard to tell from sim, actually. AMP t2 drops a lot more IRL than it appears in game or video.

Yeah the video flattens the track a bit. In the kart it’s quite the rollercoaster.

Other than struggling generally with the track surface, the layout at RA is one of my favorites in the country. Good curb jumping, nice mix of technical corner radii and track cambers, and some fast sections mixed with slow sections. It’s really a fun track to drive. And it races pretty well too. The only real section you can’t pass in is the windy bit from T3 down the hill.