Driving tips videos?

So I’ve been thinking about possibly doing a youtube series on how to drive fast (or faster). I’ve read books, but never seen videos explaining how the mechanics work, and I feel like they’d help a lot, especially with younger kids. I’d be posting it on various social media, CarThrottle and YouTube come to mind. Personally I just think it’d be fun to do but if anybody has suggestions I’d like to hear them.

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Well, I think it’s a great idea. Would you be interested in a partnership or is this something you would like to run solo?

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So its not my intention to put you off, it is a great idea.

But be aware that you level of ability will be brought into the equation. I don’t know you, you may be awesome but if your viewers look you up and can’t find anything about you then you may get some lash back.

Having said that, if it was purely theory, like you in front of drawing board it might work. It is astonishing how much BS there is out there about kart setup.

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Also, if you could get some known drivers to help you validate what you’re talking about, that would also help add some credibility to your videos. I think it’s a good idea though :slight_smile:

That was the plan, just go through theory and drawing it out. I’d be fully up front with my experience (or lack thereof) but reference top level guys like Koyen who are very active on forums and providing information along with being a good driver, evidenced by however many championships he’s won over the years. That’s partially why I posted on here. If anybody wanted to donate either info or videos I’d be completely willing to use them and credit whoever is providing them.

Either way works, personally. I only think the distance could be an issue but depending on how you wanted to partner I would have no problems working with you.

Honestly the best thing to do is just watch on-boards of other quality drivers. That’s what I used to do. It’s a cool idea though. My personal opinion is that individual coaching is the key really, since every driver is different and everyone struggles with something different. But as a general information type of thing, it’s a cool idea.

Stop hyping me up so much, I’m only going to let you down when I go and fail to make the final in Vegas next week! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was figuring this would be more for the general public than people who already know how to drive. I’d show clips that really emphasize whatever the topic would be, and just cover basic universal pieces in the beginning like apexes.

You get hype because to me the fact you’re even racing at Vegas is wild and really cool.

Few things…

  1. Do it. Get started, put something out there and see what feedback you get. If you make it and commit to a plan, KP will help you with guidance, pointers and get you in front of an audience.

  2. No matter what you do, you’ll get internet “experts” chiming in and shitting on it because…egos. Ignore them, they are generally missing the point that the content is not intended for them anyway. Never underestimate the value that you can deliver to people needing a little guidance and reassurance.

  3. Fast drivers (or “experts” in any given field) don’t necessarily make good coaches. In fact, it’s pretty rare that they do. I’m a crap (well maybe mediocre) driver, but a decent coach. Observance is key.

  4. Look at existing guides/videos and figure out where the gaps exist by having conversations with newcomers. Figure out what might be the best way to break it down. I think these forums are a great place for that :smiley: Start a thread for people to chime in on what videos and other content they felt helped them. Share the thread with your friends.


Wow thanks for the advice! I really want to get this started but gotta set up a couple things first. I have a decent idea of what to cover in terms of basics from conversation I have with customers at Veloce, but I’ll definitely be looking for more topics to cover. I’m not concerned about internet racers too much, because like you said, they’ll always be there. Oh well

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Oh good point on veloce, is forgotten about that when I was responding. Lots of directions you could take it.

Alright get busy, keep us posted on progress.

It’ll probably get divided up into basic and then advanced sections for things regarding actual theory and basic driving versus true driving techniques and strategics. I’ll need a large whiteboard and to clear up some space but that shouldn’t be too bad