Egt fitting placement for Iame x30

(Jamie Gonzalez) #1

I seemed to have misplaced the illustration that came with my x30 on location to drill hole for EGT sensor fitting.

Iame East website does not have the illustration available in the document section.

Does anyone have the specs or copy of illustration?


(Tony Zambos) #2

I seems as there is no spec for the probe location on the pipe as its location would change in relation with the piston with the length of flex used. Only the size of the hole is given. Ask your engine builder or take consensus of the answers to follow.

(Jamie Gonzalez) #3

Fitting goes in header before flex. I actually found info on iame site for finland of all places.

(James McMahon) #4

@Norcal_Karters, do you have a recommendation for the position of the EGT sensor on an X30?

(James McMahon) #5

Normally the EGT sensor position is expressed in inches from the header. Do you have a link to the info you found?

(Jason Berry) #6

65mm +/- 5mm , measured from the gasket surface of the header down the middle of the pipe.

Adjusting flex will not affect probe location

(Alex Nowysz) #7

In case anyone else has a bit of trouble finding this (the only place I found was the site for finland also), here’s the diagram to verify: