Electric kart stands

I was wondering if anyone has insight to an electric kart stand that one person can load into the back of a pick up by themselves. I was at Apex and ran into an unrealized problem of being the only person at the track besides the office girl. I typically am a one man band with karting and need an electric lift stand that I can fold down and put in the back of my truck under the kart deck I built. I’m really trying to avoid buying a trailer since my nearest track is 3.5hrs away. Working on the kart on the ground was not fun. I am thinking of building one like the Skeeter electric stand out of all aluminum, but rather buy one cuz the time investment necessary.

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The KartLift WinchLift or the Streeter SuperLift are both great. Both allow for you to pull the kart off the bed of your truck.

I use the Dalmi Kart electric kart trolley and am very happy with it. Comofortable height to work on, easy to use, battery lasts very long. Can certainly recommend.

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Good luck getting the Streeter or Kartlift itself into the bed of your truck, though :slight_smile:

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My Streeter works great but is very heavy and takes up a lot of room on the trailer. Short of keeping the kart on the Steeter in the trailer or carrying it in a separate vehicle I don’t see an easy way to use it trackside.

Kartlift pro stand will be a better choice in your situation. I am not 100% sure if they still make it or not.

The Dalmi stand folds down quite small for storage.

What about the non-electric one man stands? Like stone? Much lighter.

I used a streeter type electric stand for a while and it was great but it was a heavy item.


I believe the Dalmi weighs about 20 kg plus battery 5 kg, folds quite compact. I usually Transport it standing upright behind my kart in my trailer. Maybe that helps.

How is the stability with those Dalmi big wheels? The wheel track looks too narrow to deal with the horrendous pit areas out here. I dumped a kart with European style trollies because the track wasn’t stable enough.

How well do the kart fluids in a KZ shifter handle being lifted on those Stone stands?

Thank you everyone for the replies. The Dalmi definitely works for me, but man that’s a steep price tag. That Stone stand is interesting, but unfortunately doesn’t fold up small enough for my particular case.

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This semi-automatic is probably your best bet for not insane money. It’s a winch which is easy to reel as a 1-man job. They also sell a fully automatic which is relatively compact/light, but for similar money as the dalmi. Only drawback is the winch part does stick up a few inches higher than than otherwise compact folding setup. I agree with others that the kartlift/streeter models are ridiculously heavy, probably around 80lbs, it can be done but not fun to lift (not an issue for those with trailers).

The Dalmi is pricey, but really nice. I finally bit the bullet after tweaking my back at the track and bought one. Where are you located? There is a guy at our club here in canada that imports them directly from Europe and sells them for a lot less than Italian Motors.

I found this video and have been tilting the kart on and off my regular stand, if I happen to be alone, ever since.

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If you get stuck in that situation again, there is a way to deal with it by yourself. It’s not elegant but it’ll get the kart in the truck. Roll your kart behind your truck crossways with about two and a half or three feet between the kart and the truck (tailgate down). The karts rear bumper should be about even with the the edge of the tailgate. You may want to remove the rear bumper on the kart. Now pick up the front of the kart to the point where most of the weight is on the rear bumper (or bumper mounts). This will be about 70 to 80 degrees up. Now lean the kart to one side so all the weight is on one corner of the kart. Now you can pivot the kart on that point easily and turn the kart so that it can be lowered back down and rest on the open tailgate. Move around to the back of the kart and pick up the rear of the kart so you can slide it into the track. That is the part that will require the most strength. If you have a lifted truck this might not work. You’ll also need to have a protective edge edge on the top of the tailgate so the bottom of the kart doesn’t scratch it too bad. All the fluids in the kart won’t mind being tilted up but the carb and maybe the tank vent may lose some fluid. Also, don’t leave anything in the seat of your kart. It will fall out when you tilt the kart up. Bad enough if it’s some tools, but real bad if it’s your helmet!

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I’ll be grabbing a Dalmi at the end of this year. I’m usually a one man operation at my home track so just makes the most sense. I currently use a E-350 Box truck to lug my stuff around. But I have a normal rolling two man stand that I can get it in and out by my self. Just have to figure out how my strategy will change getting the kart on and off with the Dalmi.

  1. Rear bumper all the way touching the rear of truck.
  2. Get in truck and grab kart from the from rails and get the rear wheels over the truck.
  3. Hold the kart with my hand while I get out of truck and lift kart from the front and roll it in.

(Definitely ain’t easy on the soul but it gets the job done with no problem’s except being tired.)


I’m in Lake Havasu City, AZ. I make the trip to So Cal or Phoenix to race when I can. 3-4hrs one way so I rather not tow a trailer. Everything has to fit in the 6.5 foot bed @Jim_Johnstone

The Dalmi would slide right under that shelf you have there, no problem.


I am pretty much a one man show with the occasional help from my competitors. When I got my kart second hand, I talked the seller into throwing in the kart stand. I believe its by RLV and its obviously older. It has two vertical posts with cross bars at the top to support the kart. A large tray in the center and the vericals fold down so the whole thing is only about 8 inches tall when collapsed. It weighs around 45 lbs. With the kart on the stand, I can tip the entire stand onto the back wheels to where the rear bumper is on the ground, then lift the nose up to pull out the stand and lower the nose to the ground. Liftiing the kart works the same way in reverse. Lift the nose of the kart off the ground high enough to slide the stand under it, then pivot the kart and stand back onto all four wheels.

I sort of discovered all this by accident when at the track by myself one day. I do not believe the exact stand I have isn’t offered anymore, but here it the lasted version of it.

That is about the heaviest thing I have to dead-lift at the end of a long raceday and it is still manageable.