Elevator pitch on shifter engines

What I’m seeing is that the ROK shifter might not just bolt up to non-OTK chassis. Is this true? Is it a frame rail spacing thing?

Some chassis have clearance issues with the engine side seat strut on the frame. The GFC you posted shouldn’t have an issue (not certain though), as they run mostly ROK Shifter. I can confirm that my old TB Kart (GFC manufacturer) fit the Rok Shifter no problem.

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I had no issues on my last two karts, on a CRG built kart you may need a different mount because they use the 90mm frame spacing.

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OTK owns vortex. The engine was actually built around the chassis so if you get a rok shifter, it will bolt up perfectly to an OTK chassis.

It bolts on just fine on a Factory or Birel too.

Looks like a rail spacing thing. If you have the same center on center as OTK it’s good to go.

The issue is usually the j-arm interfering with the engine side seat strut. Sodi karts used to require a cut and weld in order to accommodate, and some others have a very small range on the frame rails where the j-arm does cause a problem.

By j-arm i assume you meaning the shifting mechanism?

Yes, sorry I’m still wired to say “j-arm” from the old Honda days…

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