Endurance Karting 6hr at AMP October 23: Room for 1 (Atlanta)

Well, I got the go-ahead and it looks like I’ll get to go visit @olivier.p stomping grounds.

Even better is the fact that my rather skilled pal had his arm twisted to go drive a non-flat track:

Anyone feel like running the 6 Hours of Atlanta with us? We have room for 1. It’s $1250 for the team and I will check to see if I can get us the frequent flyer discount.

You don’t need to be Senna to join us. If you are more of a Mazepin developmentally, that’s ok too. We will be in Pro category because it is defined as 3+ years of racing experience.


Link says Virginia but takes you to Atlanta race info

Edit: flights and hotels booked.

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I’ll actually be moving down to the Atlanta area in about a week so this would actually be pretty convenient for me to run. If nobody else wants to make the trip I’d be willing to take the 3rd spot if you need it. I have some other karting weekends lined up earlier in October so I don’t want to take a spot from anyone else who might want to give it a go.

You are most welcome to Join!!! Team thus far is me, my son, Tanguy. You would be number 4. If you want to do it, lmk. We have bought tickets and hotel so it’s definite.

Since you will be local, you won’t have to deal with renting car etc so should be easier for you. Let me know if you arrive at 100% yes.

I already put deposit down for team.

Great news: This gives me an excuse to fire back up KK and obsess over amp for a month!

With 4 of us that’s 15 stops and 4 sessions each, about 23 mins per session. It’s a full day but very doable, not too strenuous.


These karts are not the AMP rentals, any idea how this differs from a regular AMP rental enduro? Very interesting! I’m talking with my sim/F1 group chat bros about fielding a team.

It’s a race series that uses its own karts. Honda Dino? 9hp I think. They are pretty good and the fleet is maintained well.

It’s a 6hr so teams of 1-6. Different classes depending inage, skill and weight.

It’s a lot of fun and a well run event.

Kart looks like this

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Yeah, I’ve got tentative interest for at least one teammate!

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I’m highly interested and think it would be cool for the KP community to support Endurance Karting\Chris McCoy’s events.

I’d also love to try the 24hr some time. I can’t commit to AMP just yet, need to work out some other deets. but I’m pretty keen.

If there’s enough folks wanting to race, we could field a couple teams

True, there’s no need to limit it…

The karts that will be used are the Dino 9hp with a different exhaust. 265lbs for the dino vs 350ish for the CRG Centurion or the Sodis.


It’s so darn pretty. A track that is aesthetically pleasing is somewhat of a rarity.


Is a Dino just another name for gx270?

Dino is the brand of the chassis, like Sodi or CRG. https://dino-kart.com/

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Dino is a chassis brand.


Thanks. It is clear now. The Loki looks light as well:

Admittedly rental karts don’t look very badass. Engine is in different side, oddly.

I’ll for sure run it! For now I’ll plan on running with your team as the #4 guy, Dom. I’d also be happy to move around if someone else here needs a body to round out a 2nd team, as long as you guys are still good running with 3. Either way I’ll be there!

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So digging into the details, I am not sure I would be able to compete. According to their website, they limit drivers to 6’6". I am 6’9". I sent an email to Chris inquiring about the karts adjustability with respect to the seat and pedals. I have driven concession karts before and been able to manage with my knees at my knuckles on the steering wheel, but both the Sodi (DKC) and the Birel (VIR) rentals had some decent adjustability to them. The worst was at F1 Indoor in Boston. The pedals were fixed, the seat was all the way back and I was still folded up like and accordion. Even in those, I still threw the kart around like it was on fire getting close to some the daily bests. It was funny about 4 laps into the session the attendant flagged me in to make sure I was adjusted correctly. He checked the seat, took a double take at me and just said F’it, Send It! :rofl: :rofl:


Hmmm. I do hope there can be a way. That sounds harder because of the cage. But, the dino is pretty open.

Thank you! Awesome! We already booked our tix, hotel and rental car. Got the last two rooms at the nearby Holiday Inn! Plenty of other hotels a town or two away. Must be way out in the sticks. Woot!

I love this description. I can see this as a cartoon. :grinning: