Engine Sound Difference

We have a regional 206 heavy racer that is clearly pulling the field and has a pronounced different exhaust note on his kart. Not our class but makes me wonder what exactly he has going on.

Engine clearly pulling harder, especially on the mid-top end without sacrificing bottom. Engine has a much more aggressive popping note to the exhaust sound compared to every other kart on track.

Only legal tuning I can think of to cause that is playing with a richer carb and/or exhaust valve lash???


I’m wondering if it’s the guy that I’ve heard other people complain about…

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I know Jorge Ruiz with JaM racing is not a fan…. :rofl:


I dont watch many of the Vlogs (besides Stahl Racing Vlog), so I am not familiar with who Jorge doesnt like. Who’s sticker is on the side of it?

Hard to tell the builders in these but I’m guessing this is the driver.

A lot of words were said about this drivers motor in one of the Jam vlogs.


Looks like he’s been having a good year too :wink:

link to the vlog ? :slightly_smiling_face:

A lot of people are quick to blame an engine one way or another if they get beat or if they are off pace. 99 times out of 100, it’s not going to be the engine.

Carb settings aren’t going to walk the field. Carb settings can make it sound different.

Give me an extra full HP, I’m still not going to drastically beat anyone I race with. I’ve ran down on power (a lot, double digit leak down and blown head gasket) and went from P1-P3 to like P5 and only lost a couple tenths off my laptimes.

I’ve lost more speed off a 10mm track width adjustment.

Edit to add:

A lot of guys who are big fish in a certain pond like to cry when they meet a bigger fish at another pond, too. I like to think I’m a decent sized fish at my local track in the classes I run, but I get schooled by a single guy when I go to a certain place in Ohio just like everyone else.

I keep my mouth shut and work on getting better, because passive accusations and straight cheating claims do nothing to help anyone else or the track/series.

If you think someone is cheating, put the money up or put your mouth up.


https://youtu.be/0llVEFeMmWM?si=MvW-raXBYaEUlHKN 13:21 ish. This is where I made my guess I remember watching this. When all the Jam drama was going on

TLDR said the guy had to be on senior gearing and Jorge got passed after dropping 3 teeth etc

Drive better. ~ Gary Lawson


Heard that before! Similar situation at my track plenty of guys run low gear and just carry more speed :person_shrugging:t2:

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Not wanting to diss anyone but the level is so low in these series I don’t think the engine is the issue here


Have raced club for 5 years and plenty of regional and have never once felt out motored. But I agree with that sentiment

Just for fun our past two races best laps. It’s always super close but the fastest doesn’t always win!

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That driver is the class of the field at our home track in Senior or Heavy. He is also the class of the field in the Texas Sprint Race Series Heavy class. He chooses to run heavy now to be with older drivers and stay away from the much more aggressive driving of the regional SR class. We don’t race against him. So no complaints of cheating from me. I think Jorge made a really bad impression flinging all the cheating claims online. I just know that I see performance that shines on larger layouts and longer straights but struggles more on tighter layout. I also know that the motor has a truly distinct sound. I also know that he is extremely particular about information and who he allows to help even pull start his motor.

Since we are running up with the front runners, the tiny stuff starts to matter. So when I see him walking the field it makes me curious what valve or carb adjustments could be made to result in more performance on long straights and also change the exhaust note like I am hearing???

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I understand wanting every ounce of the engine trying to be and compete upfront but I think every “reputable” builder all uses similar tricks. Get a reputable builder and start sending the laps.

It is LO206. It is also one of the larger regional series in the nation. So I don’t know if that dig is as valid as you might think.

Regardless, he is doing something different. Does it matter? Not between P1 and P5, but maybe between P1 and P2. Just trying to learn what knobs he may be turning.

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Hmm. Unfortunately it seems that there’s more here than just engine. There’s also talk about folks “gunnin” for the vlogger and saying they will “take him out”.

There’s a bigger drama, maybe?

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Jorge has definitely had a drama filled year at tsrs

Iirc suspended till 2024


I’ve had enough in my life, personally. I hate karting drama as it sucks the fun out.


Maybe we need some more competition at Pitt Race I don’t touch the carb besides cleaning or the motor till I send it back to Gary and I’m consistently top 5 battling for wins

I don’t think there’s really that much legal things to do to gain such an advantage

We got massive fields though always a great time at the club

Seems to always be something somewhere. Gotta get those views, right?