Experimenting with KA100 Ignition Timing

Has anyone here tinkered with KA100 ignition timing themselves and willing to share their findings?

Legal range is .080 to .106

Understanding the rule set for these things I feel like I have the knowledge and tools to take a stock one and optimize it pretty close to what the rule set dictates but would love if someone would share their experience with the timing as I don’t have a dyno and it’s extremely difficult to adjust at the track (seat side of the engine) to do apples to apples comparisons.

Thinking I’m going to purchase a box stock one and tinker myself while getting seat time to get used to the engine combo and then pay for a proper blueprint when either 1) I feel like I’m really lacking motor to others or 2) it’s time to do a top end anyhow.


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You could cut a large hole in the seat for access to the stator. If you have a rib protector it’s unlikely to cause a comfort problem. Or you could have a plate of some sort that easy to remove.

Some will remark about seat stiffness being changed but for the purposes of testing like this, it’s not a major concern IMO