First engine customer!

Hi! I have just gotten my first customer for a top end rebuild… im taking 270euro for parts and labor… im going to try and make a good first impression ao i can get more customers… im working with my builder ha has showed me ezcatly how to do it… and im pretty confident! I just wanted to say that🫶


Wow and congrats! Not too many 16yr olds trying to start a business like that.

We are gonna need a cool name like “Ghost Racing” for your new business.

How about Awa’s Pistons and Gears?

Mikes Macho Mototrs?

Superswede Racing?


I can help with your biz cards and corporate identity.

Mikes macho motors sound pretty cool

it would be cool to implement a section on my website with services it would need to match and have maby this logo in it? or just the color scheme

I like it Mike! That’s a good logo.

You could even have a seperate website for the biz. No need to confuse a client. But you could also sorta connect the two. Seems to me like you could also ultimately start a program of sorts that sells services and training.

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started working on it when i was like 13
finished start of this year has alot of cool things like the botton of the a is my home track t1 and the ittle v shaped tail is another swedish track

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They should do trophies out of track map/layout

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as it comes for coaching i dont think i can do it so much i prefer jobs that i dont have to dedicate like hole day i can do sum before school and after… only problem im seeing is that i dont know how to transport the engines to me / transport stuff to customer

acualy i think i have 1 at home idk where it is at tho

I’d ask the big boys on that one. (Shipping stuff).

who can that be? 20 char

The folks who run a business like you describe here:

Derek from Ghost sold his biz so I guess he won’t feel like he’s sharing business secrets or something, maybe?

Anyways, it’s just logistics around shipping and stuff, hardly trade secrets.

and im trying to keep prices pretty good for a carb rebuild/tune i think i wil charge around 70 euro and thats for gaskets and my working time, as it comes for engine raceprepp around 150euro no piston chane top end around 250-300, and ful rebuild around 500-650

what is a biz? like store?

So for little old noob me who has never dirtied his hands… what’s the cost in parts to you and how much time does it take soup to nuts for the top end?

Biz is USA slang (shorthand) for business:

Jane is in the rental racing biz, for example.

well carb rebuild kit costs around 30 to 35 and prings cost like 5-10 and it takes for me to take apart and assemble and tune 35 minutes, top end i can get the nuts of like 1 minute, remove seals and washers, 2 min, remove old piston around 15 minutes, measure and meaasure again choose right piston, aroud 20 min, and assembly, putting in clips and other stuff 10 min so around 45 min and price for parts around 150-170 and raceprepp is mostly my work tuning and prepping the enine for race around 1 hr

Ok so if you charge 600 you spend 170? So 430 for 1hr labor. Since you have zero overhead that’s all profit? Put half profits into the AWA Tire Trust!

Oh wait, shipping these is pricey

oh no 600 is for full rebuild top end is 250-350 for 1hr aroudn 120 euro

for full rebuid labor is around 3.5hr labor, top end is around 50 minutes labor and 170 parts…