First sodi sws rookie race tomorrow any tips?

I find my qualifying or getting lap times decent and get really good lap times once every in 1-3 laps, however I have raced people in rentals by forming a group in the back and always find my race pace faster, like a feeling of competitiveness compared to getting fast laps, I don’t know what to feel tmrw I have watched some onboards of the track with the sodi kart to get familiar with the sodi racing line but I’m feeling anxious and excited for tmrw so I’m here asking any tips I should carry on with me to the track to remember and apply?

I guess to go wit the expectation that it will be a learning experience and that you should not worry about how you do. It takes a bit to get used to it but not long.


ive done sodi 1 hr practice sessions ive gotten some good lap times but I dont wanna be too anxious, Ive also done some races with friends but rentals, but I feel like this may be harder so Im looking for tips or things to be aware of

That’s pretty normal and it gets better over time. Once you get out on track that will go away and you can focus on hitting your marks.

Best tip I can give is drive smooth and be observant. Look to what the faster drivers are doing and ease yourself into their lines

i have moments where i feel disconnected and just focused on the track so ill try to do that

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Listen to what fernando said. Have fun. Dont overthink to much.

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Hey dude

I was actually going to come back to you and suggest you enter the rookie races. Hopefully the rookie races aren’t quite a brutal as the ‘normal’ SWS races at Dubai - the term ‘no contact’ isn’t really heeded :joy:

Try to stay out of trouble into T1, if you’re gridded on the inside side with reference to T1 stay there. If you’re on the outside and you get a space to come to the inside do it otherwise pick your line through 1 relative to where your kart is across the track and keep it, don’t try to sweep into the apex like you do on a flying lap - someone will pile into you and you’ll end up pointing the wrong way.

Dont get too het up about losing spots at the start if that happens. Races are never won in turn 1 but they are often lost.

After T1 just settle into as much of a rhythm as you can and run your race. Ignore behind you.

If you’re free tomorrow evening around 5pm ish come to Karting Town I’ll be there for a couple of hours. I’ll coach you a bit no problem. I’ll be there around 5/5:30 until I’d say 8 or 9pm. They have Groupons at 75/session which is really good

unfortunately karting town is really far away from me its difficult to reach because there is too much traffic and I have no one to take me I’d love to come but also my race is tonight around 8 pm, but wdym by sws races are brutal? Im definitely expecting amateurs and irresponsible people uncapable to drive today but is it that bad?

okay ill listen to alonso :100::100: thanks

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lol I’ve done a few senior races at Dubai, Al Forsan and Yas. Dubai is definitely the worst I can say with regards to bumping you out of the way. Yas and Forsan are serene by comparison There’s one guy in particular (a Canuck) who just out and out t-bones his way through tight corners. You get used to those guys though - last time I raced against him I knew he was behind me and he’d try it so I just stayed wide a bit longer and let him steam into where he thought I’d be to slow him up (by t boning me) for the corner. When he arrived I wasn’t there and he went full on into the barriers because he’d nobody to crash into to arrest his speed. I laughed heartily all the way to the finish :joy:

I mean it’s still fun and hopefully the rookies will be a lot more respectful because they haven’t been exposed to that yet.

Oh lord gonna have to mentally prepare myself for this one

I know, imagine for me (Abu D) :joy: but I need to go there before this weekend to hone my line before the Toyota thing on Sunday. Tomorrow is early enough in the week that I’m not completely broken in the evening from fixing planes all week.

if i were able to drive id be there no problem like sunday is probably the best day for me to go karting town otherwise no way

is it the toyota gazoo thingy they are hosting?

Sprint or endurance race?

It is. Motorsport Academy Season 2. I have my time attack qualifier on Sunday, I’m carrying a 10kg handicap though so I need to get some more laps in. Only drove there once, too far away to be regular. I gotta finish in the top 48 of around 800 entrant’s times.

@Abdulkarim how did it go?

@Richard_Jacques exactly as described, holy i qualified p15, first turn i get t-boned to the side i manage to catch up around p 12 then someone pit manouvers me twice not allowing me to overtake forces me to finish p28 second race i managed to overtake about 10-12 people in the first turn, first 7 laps was smooth riding p14 then the same guy comes in and rams me at about turn 5 and forces me into the gravel i catch up to him again I do a nice switchback and continue but I locked up by accident on turn 1 cause my brakes were a bit faulty and he came and full speed into my back and finished p29, same incidents happened to people in the front at p1-7 there was a guy who kept ramming anybody trying to overtake, tbh it went better than expected but I need to go more inside when I’m defending, and focus on quali next time

sprint race format quali was abt 10 min race 1 10 laps race 2 11 laps

Sounds like a lively first race. Was it what you expected?