First ventures on track post covid

From what I’ve seen, the KA and VLR popularity somewhat varies by region. I think we have a thread somewhere that compares the two, because some series are trying to create parity.

@tjkoyen or @KartingIsLife - Do you know which thread I mean?

Yea it seems like it’s regional and a direct mirror of each other.

First two sessions I definitely noticed hitting it a lot. Once I moved the wheel I either stopped hitting it or just noticed it less. But man, I did a good number on my elbow ha. I’d be half tempted to take a grinder to the corner of the fins if the rules allowed it.

I think it slightly depends on where ROK runs versus SKUSA. However, from what I’ve heard and seen, in junior trim the VLR has a few more HP than the KA, but in senior the KA has more than the VLR. That could also explain some of the adoption.

First session of first year endurance race

In which I attempt to hustle a slow kart fast. My little pony had heart, but no gallop. I had fun badgering the fella ahead of me, hoping he’d screw up. He held it together and there was bupkiss I could do.

In which my son re-enters a kart after a very long time and discovers it’s like riding a bike. He found his wheels pretty quick and did a fine job.
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All set to go race for the first time following the Outbreak and what do you know. The restrictions on gathers over “x” number of people tightens back up and Race is cancelled. It would seem that now the Track/Club has to have special permission from the TX Governor, Denton County Commissioner and the City of Denton’s Mayor before they can hold a Race Event! I get the concern with the recent rise in Positive Cases in the Texas, but to require 3 levels of Government to all agree is nearly impossible, let alone timely.

All dressed up the party cancelled, I went to the track and burned a few gallons anyway. I was not the only one. About 4 or 5 families were there throughout the day as well. “The Man can’t keep us Down!!!” :fist:

BTW, all non-family groups were practicing social distancing or wearing masks and no one was gathered in buildings. Also hand sanitizer was applied regularly to the kids playing together. If this is what it takes to get on Track, then so be it.


That’s a big bummer, Greg. Better safe then sorry, but that doesn’t remove the disappointment.

Had a thought the other day…

If you are wearing a face mask and sweating profusely to the point your mask has become saturated with sweat, is that considered Water Boarding? If I recall correctly, Water Boarding was outlawed in this country back in the early 2000’s. :mask: + :sweat: = :poop: :skull_and_crossbones:

No I think it’s still practiced :rofl:

The first offical race was awesome for me, even if I didn’t get a win. I qualified 2nd and took the lead on the back straight then blew a chain off a few turns later. So I had to start the race from 8th and by the checkers I was right behind 1st and 2nd. If I have one more lap I would of had a shot at the win. Can’t wait to get to the track again.

My group followed yours Saturday so I caught the first half of your race from the grid before I hopped in to get ready for my race. You looked strong out there, nice driving.

What is the camera setup? I’ve never seen a nose cone video that stable esp on a 206 kart.


Turned some laps with the KA100 at the Motorsports Country Club of Cincinnati yesterday. First time being on MG Reds and I have zero complaints about them. Ambient temp was in the mid 90’s so I’m sure the track temp was at least in the 120’s, so grip wasn’t ideal, but the Reds took it like a champ. Here’s a few laps.


Lovely quality footage. Nice day for a drive! I enjoy your braking.

One more lap indeed!

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Thanks! I’m shocked the video came out so clear. I was expecting a lot more shake to it. It was a beautiful day but definitely toasty. I’ve been putting a lot of focus on braking and I finally feel pretty confident now. In the video I was under-slowing the hairpin corner (the tight left hander [turn 4] before the right hand horseshoe) and was washing out a bit but that was cured with holding the brake just a little longer in the next session. And the back section before the main straight is super slick so you have to be very gentle on the brakes back there. It’s a super fun track to drive. I wish I could do the STARS race next weekend but I’ll be at VIR for the SRO race.

If you were to sweat enough to actually start any form of water boarding, you would die from dehydration not drowning

That turn EOS. Full throttle to lift, turn, throttle. So pretty. So fun looking in a terrifying way. You have really nice line and inputs there. You drive that track alot?

I know. Just meant it’s no fun trying to breath through a saturated mask. :sweat_smile:

Oh I love it. So much fun. Might just keep my helmet on instead

Thanks. That turn looks easy but it’s fairly slick and it’s really easy to get crossed up. I worked there for about 3.5 years so I’ve turned quite a few laps on some parts of it. But the section before the long straight is brand new and I’ve only been on it for probably 150laps now.

Tell me they don’t make you wear a mask under your lid? That’s just evil