For Sale: 3 sets MXCs and other OTK spares

I’ve got 2 sets of basically new MXCs. And 1 older set I refurbished. They are in great condition just not as golden in color as the newer ones.

Asking $600 each for the newer sets and $500 for the older set. Or I’ll do $1500 if someone takes them all at once.

Also have spare OTK H, A, and Q axles. $100 each

Standard 92mm rear hub. $50

Double pinch bolt style sprocket carrier. $50

Zeros, 2 dot, and 4 dot caster pill sets $50/set

Lastly, the optional OTK slotted steering shaft I ran once or twice $50.

I’m sure I have more stuff and will get pictures up soon. Prefer local pickup in Phoenix area, but can ship at buyers expense. Feel free to make me an offer for everything and I’ll cut you the “help me clear out my garage price.”

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Hey Clayton. I’ll take the sprocket carrier if you still have it. I’m 60m east of Dallas.

James, Sorry crazy week for me. Sending you a DM.

Wheels are pending sale today.

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