Forum Exclusive: KP Store! (Go Live Preview + Discounts)

Hey guys,
James has been working really hard over the last few weeks to get the new KartPulse store up. We took the input from the feedback thread, and have now launched V1.0 of the Kartpulse Store! We’ve added new features like an online shopping kart, and a few other items to make things easier to rep the swag!

We’ve got some Kartpulse Swag up there like beanies, shirts and hoodies. We’re also pointing people to a few books that have been created by KartPulse contributors like ‘Karting 101’ and ‘Learn to Master the Art of Kart Driving’.

Discount Coupon to Forum Members (because you’re awesome and deserve homie hookups): WHEN you buy some awesome swag, type in the discount code ‘KARTPULSEFORUMS’ for 10% off.

Let us know what you think? We’d love any feedback you have…but I’d more like to see you all wearing KP Swag!


Screenshots (because everyone loves screenshots)


Bump! We got some new items in the store!

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(bumping this up because I’m selfish and want some feedback) lol

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I like everything about that store page. Save for the lack of socks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought a shirt! Whooooooo KP!



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We need a design for the socks, that’s the main reason they aren’t there.

Thanks @Eric_Gunderson for your order :slight_smile:
You the real MVP

That, and the sock design we found looked corny af. lol

Excuses, excuses. How about head socks?

Do you mean beanies?

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We’ve got hats now! You guys should buy some. :wink:


So… I may have just made a thing. :wink: