Front end alignment

OTK FA Chassis with Rotax Junior Engine.

i recently brought a set of Alto lasers to help with the front end alignment. with no instructions and no web search results i was wondering if anyone on this forum has these lasers from the UK… in all honestly i dont think they are massively different from the snipers. i have followed this video from PR

can anyone advise if the video covers everything i need to know. anyone disagree with what is being said or a better way to achieve the alignment.

i have not seen anyone measure the sweep before as a first step so thought to question if this is the right approach.

as always, any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Never used the Alto lasers but the PR video is good and thorough. Sweep should be checked when you first align the kart out of the box or if you’ve had a crash. I really only ever check the sweep if my steering isn’t centered or we’ve put new parts in the front end. Otherwise I tend to set it and forget it unless something gets bent or wonky.

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Would setting the sweep, measuring the distance as in the video to the same.each side also centre the steering?

Yes after you set the sweep and get the distances equal as he explains in the video, use a sheet of paper and put it in the middle of the kart so that the lasers shoot through the paper. With the sweep done correctly and all parts on the kart straight, turn the wheel until the lasers overlap on each other through the sheet of paper. This steering position will be geometric centre/Straight ahead.

Note if the lasers don’t overlay each other 100% then the front end is not 100% straight (you can have a bent spindle or at worse the chassis has a tweak in it). In this case get the lasers to align vertically one over the other and this will be geometric steering centre.

From here, when you remove the paper and let the lasers shoot onto the opposing grids, the toe should be the same on each grid. You can then adjust to what ever toe you desire each side.

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Great … I have noticed I have slight neg camber on the right hand side (according to the laser) which I would guess indicates a slight bend on the chassis given that the camber setting is the same on both sides…

A related question. Is it normal to run toe out on one side, perhaps on the right on a clockwise track? I noticed a competitor right wheel seemed to be toe out both the other was straight…

Yes if the caster/camber pills are in the same location side to side and the camber is not equal on the opposing lasers then something is bent. Check your kingpin bolts, spindles, steering column, tie rods, rose joints. If they all check out then it may be the chassis itself but you’d need a frame table to validate/rectify this.

In terms of the toe, you almost always want to run with some amount of toe out, even if you’re wanting to achieve zero toe because the wheels toe in with driver weight on track. Standard setting for most karts in the dry is 0.5-1 box toe out.

I’ve never set any of my settings unequally side to side…one of the more experienced guys can comment on that

+1 to Chris’ post.

I always run the same camber/toe/caster side-to-side. Regardless of how many left or right turns there are.

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