Front spindles and steering sweep

For the first time I notice something strange with my kart steering. Currently I have it on a vertical stand with no wheels (winter storage) and as I look at it, I noticed that when I turn the steering, lets say to the left or simulating a left turn, the steering will sweep to the left, the left and right spindles will move accordingly, but as I get to almost lock up, the right spindle (outside for a left turn) starts to drops/sweeps back to the right (opposite to the turn)?
This is on a Margay Brava that I use for Autocross.
The tie rods are on the inner holes on the spindles, and on the outside (out of 3 holes) on the steering column.
Any ideas? Or is this normal?
I think this change of direction on the outside tire in a corner should disturb my cornering performance.
Any help/suggestions is appreciated.

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This is totally normal. What you’re seeing is the Ackermann effect.

It helps the front end keep from scrubbing at sharp turning radii.


Have a buddy stand on your nosecone and turn the wheel to see Ackerman in action. This is how your rear inside lifts, I think. ( in combo with geometry)

I didn’t think it was that much or that noticeable

My dad and I had a similar question when we bought out first kart. The guy selling it to us basically said if you’re using that much steering lock, you’ve already spun out.

But yes, like the others said it’s a natural part of the steering system, nothing to worry about.

Thanks for the clarification!