Getting Racefit - Spin Bikes (Peloton, Echelon, Bowflex etc)

Anyone got any thoughts or experiences of using an at home spin bike to get race fit or lose weight for racing?

If you have, any feedback of model or brand preference, apps that go with it?

Obviously I understand that this won’t sort your neck out or you arms and core (except maybe the leaning velocore bike).

I’m a big fan of using a bike trainer, like the Tacx/Wahoo kickr. Throw the road bike on them so your training platform is the same as your actual bike which is a big benefit in road riding. Long term training on a standard exercise bike throws me off because the geometry is different, and on 100 mile plus rides my issue is not power but back/body position. Its also a fraction of the price if you already have a decent road bike.

It also unlocks the world of Zwift, which is like Sim racing for road bikes. Being able to ride with other people over the winter keeps me going vs. a watt meter. Not a spin class person so the peloton doesn’t do it for me but if you are, people are big into them for that ecosystem and classes alone.


I had a generic stationary bike that I used for a while. Then I bought a rowing machine. Definitely a game changer for an at home workout. Hell, I even left the bike at my old house when I moved since I never used it.

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Yeah I’m a big fan of rowing machines but I need something quiet and I haven’t seen a near silent rowing machine yet :thinking:

I have a Proform 750r. While it’s not silent, it’s super quiet. The loudest piece is the seat rollers. Turn on a tower fan and you can’t even hear the rower.

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I trust everyone knows that cardio endurance starts with the skeletal muscles – demands on these drives their adaptation, the increase of blood vessels, the increase of oxygen carrying capacity of the blood, the increase of diffusion in the lungs, and, finally, the adaptation (strengthening) of the heart muscle. Since we need a lot of upper body cardio endurance (and strength) for racing karts, look for a machine that targets these arm, shoulder, back, and chest muscles. An old Schwinn Airdyne (or equivalent) is OK as it does both legs and arms with its back and forth hand cranks. Do intervals on this machine and your endurance will show a measurable improvement.

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I know this is aimed at spin bikes, but for a kid that isn’t going to sit on a stationary bike, does anyone have any suggestions for off season fitness? I’m considering putting my 9 year old son in boxing lessons in the off season, anyone tried boxing for race fitness?

In college I did some punching bag workouts.

It’s exceptionally good cardio.

The only issue is potentially damaging your wrist.

If you punch the bag wrong, your hand can fold over and you break/sprain wrist.

There’s a technique to learn iirc.

Makes sense, if I do, it’ll be in a proper boxing club with experienced coaches, they can teach him the appropriate techniques. The one I spoke to has a kids program that sounds like it doesn’t have a ton of physical contact, more cardio, footwork, shadow boxing etc. This seems to be the only thing he’s interested in other than racing. He doesn’t want to do indoor soccer, won’t do swim training since his younger sister is proving to be a badass competitive swimmer and he probably doesn’t want to risk being beaten by his little sister haha.

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Wellp it will certainly kick his butt! It’s surprisingly aerobic. Like the final lap of a race.

Boxing sounds like a great idea. My little guy (age 6) does mixed martial arts during the offseason. Its awesome because it keeps him in shape, but also teaches discipline, focus, and many other things that have been utilized on the track. I would hugely recommend it if you have a kid that might be interested.

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My sister is a D1 rower. We have an erg at home, and holy crap that thing beats you up. Full body workout like no other.

Concept has some quiet ergs. It’s loud if you go full out, but you probably wouldn’t do that anyways

I did Taekwondo for 9 years. Keeps you in overall great shape. Also less impact than boxing.

@Bimodal_Rocket i broke my wrist in 2 places after punching a wall with bad form. Wasn’t my proudest moment

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I recommend punching things that are soft and don’t punch back.

The wall didnt punch back thanfully

According to Bruce Lee, boards also don’t hit back. :grin:
+1 on the Martial Arts; 5 years of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu training here.

There are lots of good ideas on here for getting fit, but after just getting in the best shape since my 20’s (I’m late 40’s now), I would add that anyone driving and wanting to be serious about a fitness program that is specialized for driving is going to want to add some specific neck strengthening exercises into the mix. I went out to the track yesterday for the first time since getting fit (took 9 months off of driving and a year of getting fit) and by the end of the day it was apparent that my neck and it’s supporting muscles ultimately ended up being my weakest link.

Will also toss jumping rope in there as a cardio candidate. Cheap, easy, and will kick your tail.

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Whatever piques their interest and will keep their attention seems to work better than picking an activity that seems to have a direct benefit for racing. It could be tennis, MMA, cycling… whatever grabs them.

Applies to adults too.

I have to agree with this statement about fitness. I didn’t start working out until I got back into a kart again 3 yrs ago. I was 35 at the time now just turned 38. Been into crossfit since I started racing. It is a full body workout and builds endurance too. But I tried crossfit because going to the gym to lift or run isn’t for me. I like the class atmosphere and it pushes me more because I don’t want to be the weakest or slowest. Now I have started entering 5k’s for fun in the off season so I have a good reason to keep working out. It is all about finding what you like to keep you moving.

There are some kids at my crossfit gym too. And they seem to enjoy it. I have my 9yo run with me in the summer and she hates that. So I am also trying to find something to keep her in race shape this offseason. She starts basketball tomorrow so that will be good to keep her moving!