GFC Karts - Feedback?

Starting to hear some rumbles up in the Northwest about the GFC karts. Looks like they are getting some good results at the larger events.

Does anyone know much about these? Curious if anyone has any real world driving feedback in comparison to some of the other popular karts?

That’s Gary Carlton’s chassis line. He was one of the top shifter drivers in the US not that long ago, but now I think he primarily focuses on promoting this chassis line and running his own race team. I’ve linked a thread from a few years ago - it sounds like he worked with TB Kart in developing it, so they are probably very similar and share most major components. Unfortunately I’ve never driven either kart so I wouldn’t be able to help with any driving comparisons, but maybe someone else can.

I think you can count on it being a quality product that handles as any other color/brand. Gary has a lot of well-earned respect in karting.

Have you found someone who can support a GFC at the races you run? That’s probably going to be the biggest factor to drive your decision.

It’s possible that GFC themselves might be able to offer help and support, but having someone close to you, running the races you run is very helpful.

It looks like one of our local shops will be starting to carry them which is what sparked my interest.

It seems most karts are good these days so always interesting to see a new one come on the market and trying to understand the benefit of the kart vs the other brands.

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Are they IPK brand? I thought they were that company that starts with an M. I think they also make Intrepid.

Thinking more about it, I’m not 100% sure it’s IPK so I’ll update my post…

I thought these have been around for a while?

Pretty sure it TBKart, and pretty sure (thought not certain) that TBKart manufacture their own karts (rather then getting Parolin, Birel, IPK, CRG to make them). They have a pretty big operation if they were only an assembly operation.

CMC have at least one in the shop. I’ve never personally dealt with Gary but I have honestly only heard good things about him. I’m sure on a purely customer service basis he’d be fantastic to deal with.

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