Glenn Guest FIA World Karting Championship Campaign Thread

Thought it’d be good to start a thread our good friend @GGXXIII and his 2024 FIA World Karting Championship Campaign so we can follow updates.

Launch video premieres 8pm BST today


The video is now available to watch

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The run this track both ways, so this is it clockwise. I love the place personally. Very very oldskool.

How Big a buget do have for this?
I think its cool for him to try it, and i will be following it as it goes along.

Stretton looks special. Cozy… from another time.

Is there no age limit?

Why would there be an age limit?


Everyone knows that karting is only for kids who want to race F1 and if your not in a formula 4 by the time you are 16 you should just give up :wink:

Has Glenn found a loop hole in the rules that he can run his twin :joy:

Trying not to be disrespectful, but does he make the weight limit?

Weight cut in progress. Current trajectory will be there or thereabouts.

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Hell yeah, let’s go! Love to see the privateer dad/lad spirit taking on the best in the biz.

@GGXXIII what’s your expectation or goal for the event?

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The loop hole is in fact: A wallet :smiley:

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Ah excellent, I did similar but probably not as extreme to make TAG Snr weight over here last year.

How does licensing work these days? In the old days (20 years ago, i’m old), we had to qualify for an international b through national events, then qualify for an international a through international b events. Is it just any one is welcome now the numbers are so low for international events?

Hello everyone!

So here we are! 1 of my 3 karting dreams!

  1. Be a British Champion in something: Achieved.
  2. Compete at the World Championships: Ongoing.
  3. Compete at the Las Vegas Supernats: One day!

Budget: Ha! There is one because my sole focus this year really is competing at this event, I did one of my very few races this year only last weekend in retro 100cc so not much actual racing but plenty of seat time with practice for this event! It costs what it costs basically but that might get obliterated soon if I have to buy an engine because I can’t sort renting or getting hold of an engine another way, second hand for example! Entry alone is 1000 euros.

Weight: By far the most dedicated and hardest part of this for myself. I came close to the weight limit in TKM Extreme about 12 years ago and my Dad and I were panicking because we had no lead! I’ve always been over in most classes I’ve competed in and I’m under no illusions realistically that I’ll be over in the OK category too. However, I have lost 8.5KG since I started training solidly around Feb time. Illness and other things have put that back annoyingly. Full weight I’m currently at 165KG which is bang on if competing in any other senior category in the UK annoyingly. 150KG is the OK weight so realistically I’m aiming to be 155KG so another 10KG to go. The kart itself (a Kart Republic) is already stripped weight-wise without going totally nuts.

Goal: Pray for rain, gamble on tyre choice and win obviously! :rofl: Just to be there is a win in itself, without going in to too much detail a lot of politics and not a lot of help from any establishments so far. If I can make the final realistically that’s a good goal to aim for.

Licencing: I’m very lucky because I already had a UK Race National due to competing in Division 1 Superkarts, which basically means I pay £185 for an International ITE licence from Motorsport UK and then I also need a medical which was £125. Any other licence would mean I’d need to compete in 5 national rounds and get signatures which is a world of pain time-wise and wallet (I’ve already done this over many years). I actually thought this process would be a lot more difficult than it actually was. I also needed to complete a shambles of an online course provided by the FIA because I was a first-time international applicant.

Stretton: yeah it is a mad old-school track that NEVER lets you rest so great for getting kart fit!

Love the questions, keep them coming!


Really like your approach and like that some one dare to take this event on as a privater without backing from a huge team.

Regarding engines, there are several good tuners who would rent you a set of engines, you need two engines to have a chance. Exspect to use around 2300 euro and upwards to rent two engines with carburators for the event.

Personally, I’m looking for 2x IAME’s, if you have any contacts feel free to message me.

Alan are you doing any video coverage or whatnot of Glenn’s adventure?

Not sure FIA will let me in the premises lol

Will you participate in that historic cup they will do or do some filming?

Just bring money. They like that.