GoPro OTK M7 front fairing

I use to keep my GoPro mounted on the front fairing but just picked up a 19 with the hotdog bun front fairing. Any suggestions on how to mount to that or a different spot. Running KA so I don’t have a radiator to mount to. Have a mount that can mount to left side seat mount bar but wasn’t a fan of it, to get a good shot it has to be way out there or half the shot is of my arm or leg.

I resisted the hot dog for that very reason. Couldn’t see a good way to mount. Maybe on the number plate but that would obscure numbers. Im sure that some sort of Shim and a drilled hole would work, though.

We did mount it on the lowest portion of the number plate to get the viewing angle I was looking for. Well, I would have liked to have mounted lower, but his where it wound up. Used the metal mount from Comet,


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Video seems to be pretty steady? Not to shaky up there?

Haven’t notice any difference in the video quality from this method and the mounting on the previous generation fairing. Had one session with shaky video. Went back to the kart and found all the mounting bolts for the fairing were on their last thread in the nuts. Error on my part.

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I too have the M7 fairing and am running the KA100. I’d recommend mounting to the left seat strut with a ram mount. Position almost identical to a radiator mount.

There is are two photos in the link:

This is a good view as well. I know a few of our drivers have chosen to mount off the side of the strut like this. Gives a nice view of hands and feet.

I have the ram mount 6” but wasn’t to happy with the shot. Maybe I need the longer one but also not to sure about having a 8-10” extension off my seat mount. I have a M-L seat so I am sure that is part of the bad shot due to blocking the camera.

This was from my older chassis, not the ‘19

You’re right I need to check how much of the shot I obstruct when in the kart. May need to go to a longer arm for a higher POV. Norberg’s POV is perfect IMO, and definitely a couple inches higher than I have mine mounted:

Ill try to move my 6" arm to the chrome seat strut instead of the chassis strut for a few more inches upward and report back with a body in kart POV.

Gave me a thought. Maybe I’ll just mount a radiator. For the go pro mounting and to throw people off. :joy:


Haha you can run the water loop through cool shirt. Optimal body heat management AND GoPro mounting solution. Two birds with one stone. Done.


Do you have any video from the go pro being mounted there?

In this shot, the GoPro is aimed slightly downward.


i have seen alot of people at my club mount it in the lower part of the nassau panel

this low quality picture might give you an idea


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Disrupting the airflow through there kinda defeats the purpose of running the hotdog bun… if the purpose is actually aero rather than having the latest and greatest :slight_smile:


The interior of the hot dog bun channel has great airflow for one of those deer whistles… (first couple secs of vid)
Poor Bambi.

Which ram mount is everyone using for the seat strut mount. I have been browsing for options. And haven’t seen what I’m looking for yet.

I have tried side pods. Nassau. Not a huge fan of either as most the excitement is in hand and foot movement.

Lastly. Tethering. Whose series requires it? I’m pretty sure mine does. And the hero 8 and there really isn’t a way to secure it.

Edit. And now switching to the dynamica body work I really despise the potential for disrupting air flow of wind tunnel tested body work. I know I know. It’s probably minimal. But as an aero guy I can’t bring myself to do it.

I recently saw a video on YouTube of an onboard from Rowan Gill at the Pro Tour last year and it looked like he had mounted the GoPro on the number plate ABOVE the numbers. Interested to hear if anyone else has tried to do this with any success?


This is what I did and it seemed to work fine. Video below.