Greyhound Ribvest vs Bengio Carbon

Just wanted a final opinion before I order one, I want the most comfortable option. Not as worried about protection as I only drive KA and both options should fit the protection bill. Hard to find too many reviews of the Greyhound but everyone seems pretty happy with their Bengio Carbon.

Bengio every live long day and twice on a Tuesday. Totally, totally happy with mine.

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Im happy with my bengio. That being said, im trying the greyhound next. I like how it has more adjustments. The ability to adjust the distance between the panels via the back circle appears to be a really good idea. This alllows you to position the curved part ideally, which you cant with the bengio. Its fixed in back.

Maybe I misunderstood it, tho.

Also, look at this: Greyhound custom printing!

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I would love a 90s Paper Cup theme to go along with my kosmic kart

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Greyhounds are dope. Been using for 4 years straight with zero issues. Wanna try the carbon curva tho

Say no more… lemme work this

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I don’t even know how to go about creating the design, do you just tell them what you want? or do you have to design it on a template and send it in?

No need to get the carbon Bengio. The standard one holds up just fine. Mine is 8 years old and still great.

I would recommend trying them both on if possible. Body shape plays a part in it.


I’m kind of proud of the Xander tho.

The carbon does look nice, even if its not necessary. I mean, are carbon dashboards necessary? No dashboard = peak lightness.

There’s way too much cool stuff to buy. Rebel Scum Racing team ribvests? Worn tasetfully under our zippered team jackets, but visible when unzipped. Would be pretty dope.

can i actually use that design with my name on it?

i would but in arkansas there are no distributors anywhere remotely close to me

Sure. Lemme see what I can do

I don’t have experience with the Greyhound but I do have the Bengio. While the Bengio offers excellent protection for the ribs the fit for my admittedly not a typical karter shape (short and NOT slender) is not great. To get the rib cage fit I have 2XL but it doesn’t fit right on my back. Not sure the Greyhound fit is different but would like to try one too.

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i’m gonna call and see how i can make this happen

The Greyhound is going to be less rigid, which is my preference. Rib vests are more subject to personal preference than any other wearable IMO. Nothing worse than a rib vest that you don’t like or doesn’t fit quite right.

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that’s what i’m nervous about, especially if i get a custom one, im unsure about the return policy if it doesn’t fit right. the greyhound’s customization looks more promising

Gonna let you be the test mule on this one. It is frustrating that there’s no retail shops to try.

Maybe order one to see the fit, return, and then do the custom if it’s good?

Probably what i’m going to do, i’ll update a review in a week or so when it arrives.

I did not see anything about a template on their site.