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I am looking for a pellet grill that has WiFi and app control options. Due to tax and weight, I am going to have to import this grill for $600-800. This reduces my budget, but I have about $2000-2500 depending on how far I want to stretch it. Can You recommend me best one in this budget?

What kind of lap time are you expecting from it?


I think you got lost

these may help you

I think it’s for post race burgers :smiley: which I applaud lol


Does anyone here bring a grill? Oddly, never seen that at track (bbq).

Sustenance is a much overlooked aspect of race weekends, ten dollar burgers notwithstanding. I eat like crap on race weekends because I can.

one of the guys at my track has a grill in his garage, he takes the propane out when he leaves . but I still find it kind of weird.

One does worry about the burgers getting a blast of chain lube or something.

This would not be an issue if taco trucks were mandated.

yeah I agree with taco trucks, although they would need to invest in some more “poo poo pods”, tacos don’t treat me well.


So, my initial reaction was to go KA100, since an air cooled engine would produce more heat for the cooking, but then I realized the fins aren’t flat enough to be able to really put anything on. That, and the KA is in high demand right now since anything from Italy is hard to come by.

Then I was thinking a 206 would be a good cheaper option, but those don’t create enough heat to really cook anything properly.

I think the best option would be an old KT100. Dirt cheap, flat top so you can place a sheet of metal or something on it to put your meat on, and it makes plenty of heat for you.

You could try running a pipe and see if you can get them to stay on there, that’ll be some good cooking too


What EGT temps are you reaching?


We shoot for 1180, my engine builder said it should be okay up to around 1220 if it gets there though

In retrospect open flames and vp98 are probably things that should not co-exist trackside.

Is a vintage restomod an option? Something from the 60’s that’s been fitted with wifi


You guys had way too much fun with this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

At kartmania one of the families brings a bunch of grills and makes some INCREDIBLE Mexican street food

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At that price range you may be better off looking at a world formula. It’s got the slight performance advantage over the 206, and has 2 heating points. The engine itself for low temps, and the exhaust for higher temps. Long and low is really good for tender and moist results

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I wonder if a flat grill with castor oil would be best for burgers?

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Hey Dom, My dad built a nascar style pit cart that comes to every race with us and he built a 2 burner grill into the top of it. So tools and storage on one side while grilling lunch on the other!!!

Idea: add a compressor as well. Searing station + compressed air.

I believe thats called convection. Pay big money for an oven with that.

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