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There is a whole global BBQ scene that I didn’t touch on. I am certain there are more than a fare few Asian BBQ’s that have much more Heat than the American ones do. Southeast Asia and India come to mind on that front.

Tony Bourdain presented several, may he rest in peace. He was a Great Story Teller.

In my travels, the flavors of barbeque, chili etc. all seem to come together the closer you get to New Mexico. I mean this in a good way, like a distillation.

Okay I have an odd ball question. Years ago I bought a large tub of the Cabelas Competition Steak Rub. IMHO is gods gift to steak.

But that was before Bass Pro purchased Cabelas, and now I can’t seem to find it anywhere. They have several seasonings that sound simular in name, but I don’t think they are the same.

If you google it it does come up at both Cabelas and Bass Pro, but they are dead links that don’t take you anywhere but their seasoning page; and they are not listed.

Anyone know if they are still available in the stores?

All I can find is All Purpose Steak Rub, not the regular’ original “steak rub.”

If anyone knows please let me know.

Cabelas Steak

Growing up with a French Mom, we didn’t have BBQ tradition. But, the French do have some good food! My favorite meat preparation French style is Steak au Poivre. Basically its a reduced cognac/heavy cream sauce with peppercorns. Done well, it’s amazing.

In France, a common thing to BBQ is/was Sardines. This makes your grill really smelly.
Oddly, I just had brisket and ribs for lunch in NJ.

Find out who owns the company, where he races, then get the next pit stall and pester him to restock the product.

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I made some similar steak with a wine mushroom sauce. I love cooking.

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FOUND IT! (and picked up a few new spices I’ve been wanting to try)

That steak rub is something special I’ll tell you, rofl.

3 seasonings

You can’t talk about it like that and then not reveal where you found it!

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In store, at Bass Pro. Not available online anymore (at least the Steak rub). The rest is available online.

Go out of your way to get the steak rub, you’ll thank me later!

You Texans do take BBQ seriously:

BMR – Is this is a pan fried and then in oven recipe? Then use the juices in the pan, add heavy cream and cognac and pepper?

Iirc it’s a cognac reduction. Efffectively heavy cream, cognac, and soft peppercorns.

The steak is typically done pan cooked but you could grill it and then finish it in the reduction.

I can’t remember the recipe exactly but this one seems similar:

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Little late to this. But actually a little shocked that more people don’t cook at the track. Here in the PNW during lunch time and after the race if it’s multi day it is very common to see grills everywhere

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For the November PGP race, I think we’re gonna have a crock pot of my wife’s chili on. I’ll keep you posted and you’ll have to stop by for a bowl. :slight_smile:

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We are always grilling at the track. If it is a full weekend I put the camp chef flat grill in the trailer. Breakfast is just great on the flat top! Cook everything all at once!

If just up for a day then the portable grill. Boil some brats the night before and just have to brown them at the track or burgers. Quick easy meal.


@GregF perhaps controversial…

This is Texas Monthly’s latest list of top 10 barbecue joints:

  1. Goldee’s Barbecue (Fort Worth)

  2. InterStellar BBQ (Austin)

  3. Truth Barbeque (Houston)

  4. Burnt Bean Co. (Seguin)

  5. LeRoy and Lewis Barbecue (Austin)

  6. Cattleack Barbeque (Dallas)

  7. Franklin Barbecue (Austin)

  8. Evie Mae’s Pit Barbeque (Wolfforth)

  9. Snow’s BBQ (Lexington)

  10. Panther City BBQ (Fort Worth)

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I’m late to the party, but since buying a toy hauler, we’ve been grilling our food at the track rather than spending a fortune at the concession booth.


Do you happen to have a grill you could bring? I’d bring some steaks and make a good lunch for the race

Sadly I do not! But I’m sure Traeger makes a good one. You have about 35-40mins between heats btw.

Ok so discovered this: r/BBQ

Basically barbecue porn and funnies

Warning: Raw Beef and Pork