Groundbreakers: Unique and unusual Racing kart Chassis Designs

Tecno Cobra

Twin chassis build, from an era where things were sidewinder but not quite.
Don’t know the homologation year. I think it looks really neat.

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1981 SH Racing, with side beams connecting the frame rails right under the seat to the front uprights. Elegant!

You can see the system better on this picture:

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John Targett’s Tarsell TB3. Beam suspension up front, bracing all over the back. Here’s a cool article about this thing with more pictures:

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More recently the Maranello RS8.

Central rear brake, adjustable front bar stiffness.

nice article on it at;


The Sodi Futura has had a few runs in the 90s and more recently in 2011 with some real geometry at the front.

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Forgot about the Futura! Super cool.

Let’s go back to the early 2000s and check out one of my favorite frame manufacturers.

HAASE Blizzard:

…and the HAASE Pulsar:

Trick rear seat mounts, too!

Is that… a hinge on the Blizzard?

It looks like it’s just spots where tubes are bolted together and removing them would soften things up

Ah that makes more sense

GP kart have this bar they can fit…

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Or the Birel Torsion, think Beggio used to go pretty well on these in the 90s.

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I remember reading somewhere that they switched which bar went over which on the pulsar depending on the circuit layout (I assume clockwise or anti-clockwise).

That’s so cool! I guess teams would have to invest in a lot more frames then the usual.

I think it was probably just Haase themselves with the different iterations. I was pretty friendly with the Haase importer in the UK when the Pulsar was available and only ever saw it in the configuration you pictured.

Totally forgot about Techspeed, a Brazilian manufacture who have had success when they feel like racing in the US. They have an interesting frame which comes to a point at the front.

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CRG EPOCH with oval tubing

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Talking about tubing, didn’t the TonyKart Venox have variable diameter tuning. I think it reduced from 32mm to 30mm along the frame rails by the fuel tank.

Found a new one (and by found I mean it was in TKart). Has two models, one with the front tubing welded (CIK homologated) and one with it free with “mechanical suspension” for hobby and USA.

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I’m impressed you found something in TKart that wasn’t behind a paygate :blush: