Groundbreakers: Unique and unusual Racing kart Chassis Designs

I’m sorry to say I do in fact have a subscription. Although I’m thinking of cancelling it.


This is a 1991 Margay LE Road Kart, basically a sprint kart of the era that was stretched and narrowed. Someone put front breaks on it too, we will see if we keep them, makes the front a bit wide.

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Love it, Steve! I like the colors too.

I got so tired of their ‘helpful’ half-paywall articles that I posted a complaining post on their FB wall… they didn’t like it :flushed: banned me from subscribing to their fb page.

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Welcome to the club!

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I’ve lost count of the TKart “promo” pages I’ve been banned from. Mostly because we would call them out for their ripped off Facebook content, espcially KP’s. Continuously. What was extra nice is when KP fans would call them out on it too :smiley:

The amount of stuff they just rip, without any accreditation or permission is beyond a joke, then they have the nerve to place all of their content behind a paywall an never deliver anything actionable or useful as a lead gen…

I mean at the end of the day, it’s their content, their business and their prerogative. But that doesn’t make it any less $hitty.

It’s been a while on this topic but came across this one. Dual front torsion bar. Current offering from Bestkart and XRM.

I really like the way that looks. Its flowing lines evoke a “lets go carve some turns” vibe.

It’s curious that CRG, which fabs for GP, hasn’t incorporated this feature, which came out ~5-6 years ago, in their line. Perhaps it’s a patent issue.

Eztreme Pheonix

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Very cool. Any more details on it?

apparently was for us dirt tracks according to the poster on FB. Other than that I know nothing :slight_smile:


Parolin from 99/2000 I believe. Owner was told it had the lap record in Parma but I was also told from somone who raced at the top level that time that “it was shit” :smile:

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I know one of these being restored as we speak. Love it.

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What exactly is that supposed to do by reducing flex horizontally?

From late 1972 or 73, the Mayko Shark Kart . This kart is being restored by a friend of mine. His pictures. I also designed the fuel tank.

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The 2 piece rims are beautiful. Is there a technical advantage to them, or is it just for looks?

To my knowledge, the front crossbar, with the steering shaft attached to it, was the first use of a cross bar on the wishbone frame. I could bee mistaken. Comet Kart sales and Invader Karting later replicated this design feature. Jeff Nelson’s son won a Duffy On an Invader’s kart with this feature.

The claim is increased traction & directional control exiting turns. I suppose lateral flex may have such an effect, though not sure how significantly.

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The 2 piece rims are beautiful. Is there a technical advantage to them, or is it just for looks?

If you’re talking about the rims on the Mayko Shark those are Margay rims from the mid 60s to mid-70s. One piece rims were not available then. I think maybe 2 piece rims became available about the mid-70s, but no one piece, they came later, maybe late 70s early 80s. I’m glad you like them.