Groundbreakers: Unique and unusual Racing kart Chassis Designs

With the fourth rear rail, it looks like it was designed originally for a twin engine setup. The discoloration in front of the axle on the inner left rail suggests it may have had 4 bearing hangers at one point. Also a torsion bar on the left side inner rail.


The sidepod design kinda looks like there’s supposed to be a matching engine on the other side too, now that you mention it.

Given the space required for a seat, how would 2 engines fit?

Oddly it looks like it had a clutch handle and a shifter mount as well. And it did have front brakes on it.

That looks like a late-90’s era, SSC-affiliated shifter kart chassis, with (cut-up) “MoGo” bodywork.

No clue. The fact that the plastic was cut out the same on both sides is what I was seeing. But, it could be for a large radiator. I have no idea if water cooling was a thing then.

Yep. I seem to recall SSC karts were based around the CRG Kali chassis.

I could see the seat squeezing between twin KT100’s.

I’ll look that direction.

Just saw one pop up on Facebook. Gearbox/renspeed, 1997ish.

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