Heel Stop on Floor Pan

Anyone using heel stops faceted to the floor pan as opposed to the chassis? It looks like with my chassis that might be the only way to add them, to the floor pan. That just seems like not the best way to add them but was curious if anyone has used them in this manner with good success.

You probably won’t get the benefits of being able to push on them to move your body weight around and affect the kart’s handling, because the floor pan will flex. If you’re using them solely to rest your heels on and keep your feet a little more stable, it might be okay, but I would be concerned about over flexing the floorpan and cracking it or bending it.

Yea thats my feeling on it as well.

I think if it relatively close to the frame it should be plenty strong.

For me, the biggest benefit a heel stop provides is being able to use my legs to mitigate any sliding forward in the seat under heavy braking. As such, they need to be sufficiently high enough for your feet to be able to utilize. The diminutive plastic heel stops bolted to the floor pan on my GP8, like this…

…weren’t even functional for me, whereas the type that bolt to the chassis are positioned higher & provide a better base for your feet to actually utilize.

Yea that what I originally wanted but for my chassis I just can’t find anything that would work. Maybe someone here knows of something? Here is what it looks like.


I made this one. Small steel plate in the bottom

Similar to Moises’