Hillard Flame spring tool

HI! I looked through the site for a topic on this. What is everyone using to get those springs in and out?? I have been using a snap ring tool. Either I bought the cheap one, or there has to be something better to get those in a out.

Let me know your tricks, or simple tools

I use something like these to get them out. Simple snap pliers should be all you need. Although when I install new ones I sometimes have to spread the spring from the middle instead of putting the pliers thru the top. (Scrawny 140lb racer)

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Big snap ring pliers are best. I actually use a different technique that is going to sound like the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard of:

I use a 10mm and a 7/16 (or any 2 about that size). Gives you a ton of leverage and easier on the hands.


Not that we’re “DId yOU searcH tHE fORUMs First” place (o any case you did) did you search for Hillard or Hilliard?
Here’s my experience from last year. Installing Springs on Hilliard Clutches

I like that 10mm wrench trick, will have to try that one…

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Oh dang! Now that is quite ingenious!!

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For real that could have saved me from many nights pain! That’s awesome will definitely be using that once or twice.

I use these:

Channellock 927 8-Inch Snap Ring Plier


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I use the knipex snap ring pliers linked above. They work but you do have to squeeze hard to get any spring as stiff or stiffer than black on! Whites are no problem usually.

This worked so perfectly!! Good thinking!!

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