Holiday Shirt\Merch Giveaway! Vote for a chance to win free merch!

Holiday Shirt\Merch Giveaway! Vote for a chance to win free merch!

(Also, looking for someone in the karting community to help with the design of the winning themes. Paid gig)

Vote below for the top three ideas\phrases that you think people would actually buy on shirts, mugs etc etc? I’ll do a draw for voters to win some merch too. Win\Win!

Voting will close on Tues Dec 12th.

  • [Gokart Noises]
  • Life is short, buy the racing kart
  • Camber is the only form of negativity in my life
  • “I Can’t, I’m at the kart track that weekend”
  • Introverted but willing to talk about gokarting, (or racing)
  • Is my gokart OK? (upside down)
  • The more I get to know people, the more I like gokarts.
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As some of you know, I have a sheet of about 100 themes\ideas for karting merch. Not necessarily super original ideas, but I figured it makes more sense to work around existing themes.

Of those 100 ideas, the list above is what the moderator team collectively thought might be winners.

I kinda associate karting quotes with the scammers that come on fb groups saying I want one with a link attached. Maybe a simple graphic option of like a standing shifter start that’s a simplified design or something of that nature would be cool too!

No “Just send it!” Option?

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Yeah that’s fair we’ll see how it goes. If people take a look they’ll at least see it’s from a page that’s karting related.

I guess it didn’t make the cut.

I assume the “gokart noises” is similar to “braaaaap” used in MX circles but what would be the “noise”?

great question… I’ve no idea… High revving two stroke or putput four stroke?

I vote for

Ring, Ding Ding ding

someone should make a meme of a fb group scammer trying to sell racing suits from india or something.

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voted! free merch (especially kart related) is always cool

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The “tink, tink” noise seems to be an lo206 thing…

gokart go “brrrrrrr”.

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I love it. Go Mazda rotaries! Boing boing boing… she loved my Mazda more than me… :crazy_face:

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I love how a group of forum members has voted ‘introverted but…’ as the most popular shirt idea :joy:


Well it’s kind of true. Talking Motorsport is pretty universal. Ya can’t race alone.

Ooh there’s an idea… you can’t race alone

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We’re at 91 voters… Can we get to 100?

How about a frame grab? Self-referential which is cool. Kartpulse as t-shirt. No direct reference to TJ but there’s his picture so it’s clearly his post. Remains modest.

I’m racing Sunday!

An attempt was made. I think it’s ok but I’m sure someone has better ideas.

Maybe just the saying alone on back, logo on front

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Quik and dirty

Nobody really wants to buy the KP stuff though ha. I’m OK with it, so trying a different approach.

I’m not sure about that:

It’s totally hidden and it’s not like you are dangling merch in front of our noses.

It’s kind of like Alan’s stuff. Cool, but you guys seem shy about selling product. It’s not easy to find.

Personally I think Kp is “cool” and would want a T or better yet, a hoodie. I think it’s a function of visibility.