How are you mixing fuel...?

Seems like a trivial thing but my process of using a tea pitcher to get the right mix of fuel and oil is pretty annoying, I feel like there is a better way to do it. What are y’all using to mix your gas and oil and get correct ratios when pouring multiple gallons at a time?

I do it the lazy way and add the oil to the gas container. For example, 40:1 ratio. I add 250ml to 10 litres. Quick and accurate. The math 10L = 10,000 ml/40 =250ml

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what if you weren’t using the whole gas container, you were just using a few gallons out of a 5 gallon container?

Get a container with the measurement markings on them and do the same thing.

I use a 128oz pitcher for the gas and a 16oz pitcher for the oil.

Just pour the fuel in the picther and then the oil and mix them together then pour into a 5 gallon jug or directly into the tank

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Get one of these to mix fuel and oil for partial quantities

And one of these, to pour from pail to smaller container without spilling or inhaling fumes

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I use large syringes because it irks me that the volume can vary with pouring. It probably doesn’t matter, but it’s also non messy.

Mix fuel in as large a quantity as you and a friend can reasonably use before it goes stale, because the error in measurement and oil left in the RatioRite matter less that way.

If you’re mixing 200 ml to 5 liters of fuel, being off by 25 ml either way takes you from a 22:1 to a 28:1 mixture.
If you’re mixing 800 ml to 20 liters of fuel, being off by 25 ml either way is within the rounding of 25:1.


That’s a smart approach.

I do exactly the same. If I’m not using the whole batch I know I will next week or the week after so I just keep it in the jerry can for next time.

oh! 40:1 ratio ? do you have a rotax engine andy ? and thats why you can use so little mix oil when you prepare your fuel ?

He does yes. I use a 25 litre Gerry can and empty a 1 litre tin of oil into it then fill it with fuel. Simples.

It’s slightly more than 25:1 (24:1) but I figure the residue left in the oil can plus filling it to the neck offsets that.

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If you have a rotax you can run 2% so 50:1, KZ 4% (but really, you could run less no problem), Iame X30 4%, KA 100 5%, 100 ICA 6% (high castor), 100 FA/FSA 6% or 7% depending on your courage (high castor). Break-in, lapping, practice or race same %.

Specific racing rules may require you to go higher than that, so if you are racing try to stick to whaterver ruleset you have to abide by, much easier to figure out the jetting that way

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With first KT100 and now KA100 we have always run 16:1. I bought one of these Accu-Mix two jug devices:

Accu-Mix Premix Jug

it states 202 Racing on the jug. They don’t seem as available as they did when I bought this 4 years ago. Basically, you fill the large tank to a number and then fill the oil to the same line under the desired mix ratio.


UHHHHHH, You guys are making it hard, take number of ounces of oil per gallon and multiply that by how much gas you have and “Mix it all up”!!!

So what happens if you get it backwards? I’m guessing hard to ignite. Absolutely no wear if it doesn’t run. All that extra lubrification failed successfully.

UHHHHHH Really?? Come on it’s not that hard.

I’m kidding even I am not that hopeless. I’ll bet it’s happened though. There’s an interesting subbreddit called “looked what rolled into the shop”. People are amazing in how they can screw up.

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I would have to think its highly unlikely anyone mixing oil and gas would make this mistake just based on the form factor of how fuel and oil is purchased. However, I think its highly likely people get the ratios wrong. Oil does burn and I believe can also add a cooling element to the combustion process so too much likely has little effect while too little is bad.

Yeah oil is sold in 16 oz bottles and gas is sold by the gallon, don’t think it would be possible to do it backwards. Once you open your 8th bottle of oil I would hope you would realize the mistake. :joy:

However I have mixed Rotax gear oil into my gas before. Motul bottles looked similar. It ran, not well though.