How do you Transport Your Kart? [Pic Topic]

My father-in-law and I are currently driving both of our trucks to haul mine and my two sons’ karts. He built a wooden rack that fits on his that holds the kid kart; my kart goes underneath. I haul the cadet and bring most of the gear in my bed and cab.

The rack is actually pretty sweet. C-clamps hold it in place, so it goes on and off easily.

This setup works well for now until we can save up for a decent-sized trailer.


There are some amazingly cost efficient and creative solutions here. Since my last child has just left school (and note that our uni/college fee arrangements are very different in Australia compared to the USA), in my case I have just upgraded and gone down the “get the cheque book out” path for a self-funded Christmas present. A two kart trailer but with removable front racks and enough space for a third kart if necessary. I haven’t quite told the boss how much it cost.


You guys are on another level when it comes to pull behinds. There several Australian companies that make some of the most radical/best camper trailers ive ever seen. Another level…and this kart hauler is another level.

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Looks bloody great :clap: I don’t advise telling the boss how much it costs :grin:

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Fineline Killing it again, they are defiantly the leading kart trailer builder in Aus.

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This could be a mobile taco stand as well.

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Whats’ the build specs on your trailer?

Upgraded from small trailer and my Subaru to a dedicated van, first trip this weekend was a success, loading and unloading is way quicker now!



I built a platform that sits on a roof rack. I can load and unload by myself, and there is plenty of room underneath for the stand and all my other junk

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Next years dream for me is take a van also , here on europe ford transit is a decent choice . Im tired to make a part the whole kart to make it fit into the back of a 306 peugeot …

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Just gonna throw this out there as a potential karting van. You could fit a disassembled kart in here:

On a serious note, these look pretty useful:

Double stacked in the F250!


I’ve been working on this deck for the back of my truck to get my kart to/from the track and have everything locked up. Its 4hrs to any track and I stay with family so I didnt want to worry about my stuff. Ill post more pics when I finish it up in the next few days. Can be set up and broke down in about 10min, Harbor Freight ramps for the deck and loading ramps. Im a one man band so I have to be able to do everything myself at the track/home. I got the idea from someone that made a wood one from this forum.


Nice! Did you do your own welding?

I did weld it myself. Only the 2nd time I’ve done aluminum, I impressed myself :smile:.

Last night I made/mounted some stops, and tie down points. Need to raise it up about 1.5" and do a final test fit.

Here is the progress so far: