How do you Transport Your Kart? [Pic Topic]

@Andy_DiGiusto - any chance you can post some pictures of your setup? Thank you.

Of course, there are pictures in this topic,posted a while back

This is great, is that a full sized kart?

Someone on my discord posted this bad boy which seems like a good tow trailer with lots of room:

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Just saw this for some reason. That is amazing! I will pay for ghost Racing graphics on anyone who gets a hearse!

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I am going to do similar to this to transport two karts in my F250. One in the bed and one on top like yours!

Just got back into karting, thoroughly enjoying my trips to and from the track in the classic diesel Mercedes W123 with the iconic Harbor Freight trailer!


I dig this so much. :beers::beers::beers:

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Fantastic rig! (20 char)

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I do love some vintage benzes

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That’s awesome. The only thing that would improve the rig would be to make it a Benz wagon. …and a brown wagon, maybe. :smile:

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Is there Grey poupon in this pic?

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This is amazing, it looks like a 240?! How does that thing pull?

Crossbars make a great kart hauler and also work well for mounting roof top tents.

Raptor started eating turbos and cam phasers. Sold it for a RAM.


Which harbor freight trailer did you get, and how do you find it? Considering this for myself.

I use this one, it justttt about fits the kart:

HF stopped selling their smallest one, which was about this size.

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Works well? Does your stand go in the car/truck?

It’s a good trailer. I’ve since removed the fenders so I no longer have to take the side pods off. I also got a roof box which has helped. I strap my fuel tank to the seat.

My next upgrade is to add racks to the trailer so I can put the kart on those and the stand underneath… or just upgrade to a small van.



If I wasn’t space-constrained I would have gotten the larger trailer, but this setup has worked well all year.

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So far, the F150 SCREW is working out great. Kart in the bed, equipment in the rear of the cab.