How do you Transport Your Kart? [Pic Topic]

2000 Ford F150. Not too much of a hassle, with just a few items in the cab with me.


Just switched my 7y/o from Kid to Cadet and carried both home from the track. Only had to take off the Cadet bumper and wheels to fit in the '16 Honda. I’m a huge fan on the minivan strategy :slight_smile:


I’ve seen you load it up! Works perfect!!

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7x14 Cargo Trailer. Its snug with all the karts and tools, but it works.

Trailer 1

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@KartingIsLife please buy this and make it into a karting rig. It’s has you written all over it.

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Wow that’s perfect. You can fit a whole lot of kart in this’s imported… parts availability?

What a specimen! Amazing viewing windows for the kart as well!

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How about a Jaaaaaag?


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Does anybody have a specific brand of trailer that they like? I’m looking at getting a utility trailer, likely 6’x8’ or 6’x10’. Probably wouldn’t want to spend more than $4000.

Reason I’m looking at this route is I’d have to tow it with my Mazda3, and park it in a storage garage. I just have one kart and not a crazy toolbox or anything, just a bag of tools really.

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Definitely crossed my mind. It’s a turbo coffin transporter that could be used to transport karts and/or a drift missile :joy:

Could even use it at the ice track as a utility vehicle.

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Same model was sold here so parts should be easy. The power casket roll out would be perfect to re-engineer to put a kart on. Plus like Evan said you can show it off with the wild big windows!

And RHD so James can feel like he’s back in the homeland.

I approve but only if he drives it in his old racing leathers. Suit to match the hearse livery.

Wait how did you know about the leathers :joy:

You don’t want to know…

I kid. You posted a very cool shot of you when young in Ireland wearing the full leathers and looking a heck of a lot like Mad Max in a kart.

Haulmark. I have a Kodiak, super happy with it. Edge and Grizzly line are great too

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If @KartingOnIce gets that, then @fatboy1dh has to get this for Ghost Racing.

Updating the Logo of course!

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Hehe. That would be very cool.

Bet this would turn more heads:

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We should all just get hearses. Mines gonna be in one of the 80’s candy porsche colors.

I wonder if this car at Mondello Park in Ireland is the same one? Just popped up in my FB feed:

looking more closely… The one at Mondello has a different exhaust setup (looks like it’s a side exit) and the regplate is white vs yellow… not that would be hard to change.