How is everybody feeling about their upcoming kart season? Expectations, Goals, Thoughts?

Just wanted to make a post for people to share their goals and focuses for their 2023 season and really just any thoughts about the upcoming year. Would love to hear and see just a general summary of their off-season of everything they got accomplished and what they are looking towards in the new year of racing.

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I’ll go ahead and break the ice. After finally getting a track in my home-state I made the move to full time karting and kart ownership. I have driven rentals and paid to drive other people’s karts in races but have never owned my own because the nearest track is DKC at 250 miles away. Bought a 2021 Kosmic kart and a KA100 engine. Spent many weeks just taking it apart and putting it back together again. Spent many days assembling the kart and working out problems and any concerns I had. Just bought the Mychron to complete the kart and I can now say it is race ready. I put together a workshop in my garage to be able to fix and work on my kart in my downtime. For this upcoming season I am looking to just get track time, pound in hundreds of laps. Maybe snag a couple podiums and just become a better driver and mechanic.


I have high expectations and lofty goals for this season.

2023 is going to be fueled by a bunch of horrible ideas I had during the winter:

  • Built dyno, started in-house engine program. (Artesian Motorsports Performance “AMP Karting”)
  • Built chassis jig, started in-house chassis production. (CW Kart USA)
  • Recruited a couple decent drivers to help with testing and development when we get rolling this spring.
  • Begun building arrive and drive program with future tent service.

Will be running Whiteland Raceway Park, some New Castle, some R66, some Stars, some USPKS, some OVKA. Probably not chasing points anywhere, just showing up to win and go home.

Focusing on changing my “I’m friends with these guys” demeanor on track that I’ve developed over the past couple of years. Hopefully me and @fatboy1dh don’t end up throwing hands because of it. :rofl:

Been going to Elite Performance here in Indy to be in better shape.


make sure i’m reading this right, you’re building your own chassis to sell, or just to race? but that’s incredible. making money karting is ultimately the end goal and not many people actually accomplish that lmao. but definitely keep us updated on that chassis and engine building, i would love to see it.

I’d like to do a race.


I’m feeling good about my plans for this year. Simple approach, yet challenging goals. I’ll be running the Stars Championship series in KZ Masters.


  • Win all main events
  • No mechanical failures

I feel great about my equipment, so now the only worry is the loose nut behind the wheel, and making sure I don’t fall out of the saddle :joy:. It’s going to be a STACKED class, so I’ve got my work cut out for me, and it should be some great racing!


nice straightforward goal, simply just win everything :grin:

hop in a 2 seater shifter kart and take ur son for a sunday drive


Neither of us would be able to hold our heads up!

I want to do the Route 66 race at Dousman if possible, but otherwise I am going to mostly be doing my weekly coaching, wrenching/coaching freelance if I have a free weekend, and hopefully getting a few practice days in. Maybe a club race if the Route 66 event doesn’t work out.

End game is sales on the chassis, of courses, but sales probably won’t ever be a money maker when you consider time and cost. I may make a thread here at some point about all of it.

Win a ticket to Rotax Finals in Bahrain. Running the West series and probably the Canadain West series.

Going to be tough I’d say the top 3 guys and myself are going to be racing under the same tent. Derek Wang, Mr. Rotax, is always fast. Billy Cleavelin the smoothest driver I’ve seen, and Chris Mann just kicked butt and won during the Challenge of Americas Series.

Powerball while you are at it, Max.

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Luckily we don’t run pushbacks, so those thoughts/prayers can be redirected to maximum HP, and maximum neck strength lol

Last year was my first year in owner karting racing 206 Jr. Ran all the badger club races along with a couple r66 rounds. This year I’m moving up to senior as well as a mainly regional schedule with all 4 ckna north rounds, grands, a couple r66 rounds and some occasional club races at Badger, ncmp and ra. Excited to try out some new tracks and new series. Just waiting for it to warm up here in the Midwest!

hard to beat a guy with a name like billy cleavelin. we expect a bahrain vlog as well

I can’t wait until I can race new tracks every month. That is one of my big future goals, different atmospheres make it so much better.

did you have a certain pre existing chassis template you took inspiration from? or completely redesigned chassis?

Heavily based on a good existing chassis. I don’t think I’m smarter than Italian engineers, so why try to reinvent the wheel to start off?

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are you using pre existing parts like the tie rod, axles, etc…

My goal is just to bring attention to x30 in the PNW. We have a huge following of motors and the national motors get neglected.

My kiddo. It’s his first year in cadet. And we are going with the drink water from a firehouse. Racing 206 Jr 1 and 60cc. He has 26 race days scheduled. Focus is on 60cc with about 10 of those race days running both classes. The goal is laps, finish every race, and the stretch goal is not last.