How is everybody feeling about their upcoming kart season? Expectations, Goals, Thoughts?

My hopes this year, coming out of my rookie season is to be able to focus more on the driving and learning specifics instead of absorbing as much as possible in my rookie year. My son was born at the beginning of last season too so I had to miss out on a lot of days just to be present with him. Then I returned to work in northern-northern Canada and missed a lot of the race weekends. We also have a volunteer requirement of 3 full race days per driver for flagging/scoring. (This isn’t an issue for young drivers who have a lot of family members attending the days, but as a mid-30s I can’t find it in me to ask a friend or my elderly parents to come volunteer for me)

So this season I will hopefully be more present and enter all 10 race weekends.

I also have plans to get actual coaching and to make changes to the setup to tweak an unstable feeling out of the kart.

Funds are also tight for me this year again so I will need to budget smart and plan out my funding to maximize my time out at the track.

Off the track I’m going to plan out a maintenance schedule to cut down the sheer amount of time I’m spending on maintenance. I feel like I was spending a lot of time last year at the track but not on it. Will set up time management plans to stress myself into maintenance efficiency.

Other than all that. I also want to mingle more with other drivers. With my time management plan I hope to have more time to visit with others and genuinely just enjoy being at the track.


yeah budget is going to be rough on me as well, i’ve been scavenging to find averages on how much people are spending on everything to create some kind of a budget. Because I am 20 and am fully funding all of it with absolutely no help from anyone else but my 2 jobs, on top of schooling, on top of studying for my EA and CPA exam, so it has definitely been a tricky situation.

I had some pretty lofty goals going into 2022 and didn’t accomplish half of what I wanted to do. So I’m leaving 2023 wide open with the goal of having fun and getting more consistent.

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