How many folks here use chassis protectors?

Been on the fence on whether I should pop for set, being I’m new, and I’m inherently more prone to “cutting the grass.”

If anyone runs them, can you post your experiences with them and what chassis protector(s) you would (or would not) recommend?

Thanks in advance. Did a search here on the forums and only found one old thread on the subject and it didn’t have much in the way of responses.

There’s no downside to mitigating damage to a few thousand $ chassis. They work.

I use them. Haven’t always and after a couple seasons the frames were almost worn through. I use the KG now but not sure there is too much difference amongst the brands.

KG? Can you unpack that for me?

I use them as well. Really helps with the longevity of the bottom of my chassis’

The KG that he is referring to is a brand that sells the chassis protectors.

I always used the plastic ones but they make em in metal too, apparently:



These are what I use. The plastic ones don’t last long enough.


I use them too. Cheap protection.

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Kg is a brand. They make a bunch of stuff, especially stuff that is plastic. I bought mine from mondo kart when the euro was softer on the dollar but most all shops have these or similar.

Kg kit:


Btw, Not an endorsement of vendor. I don’t even know point karting.


I’m thinking to make some titanium ones.

White sparks :grin::grin::grin:


I use stainless ones only. I rip the plastic ones off every couple of races.


Burpo you are a mad man! They don’t make anything strong enough for the way you attack curbs! Ha.


+1 for the KartLift stainless steel frame protectors

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my mate has the metal ones on his DD2. I actually reckon they do more damage than not having them.

You’ll feel the kerbs alot more and it will have the sensation of constantly bottoming out. Would not recommend the metal ones.

Anecdotally, I used the metal ones for years (my dad owned the company) with no issues. They definitely don’t cause more damage to the kart, and they’re thinner than the plastic ones, so if anything they should bottom out less.

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And plastic ones don’t spark :sweat_smile:


That is a downside that should be considered .


Maybe we should make them with magnesium enhanced plastic… LOL

Carbon Fiber would be nice if they lasted and carbon fiber was cheap.