How will Coronavirus/COVID-19 Impact Karting?

I’m the last one to panic and I’m not going to panic now. But with today’s news that Formula One, Indy Car and NASCAR all canceling or postponing all of their races until at least May I wonder if it’s going to affect our sport.
Many areas of the country are banning gatherings of over 250 people, that’s a number that many kart races easily achieve.
What say you guys?

Things will get pushed back, and the season will be shortened. Maybe not everywhere, but in a lot of places.

I already saw one series post on Facebook "we ain’t changing a thing for the flu. Hope that works out for them…

Was thinking how complicated this. Reduced consumption if people get furloughed etc.

I think it’s inevitable as this ramps up in coming weeks. I don’t think we’re near the inflection point yet. I’m also not a disease specialist.

Not even sure where to start on the “flu” comment. I guess they forgot what the impact of the flu was like before vaccines became available… or just ignorant to it.

There’s a lot we don’t know about COVID-19. Flu is a (somewhat) known quantity. I know at least one 30y/o person in MN is on ECMO following contracting this… and they have no pre existing conditions. If you haven’t heard of that, so a search for it.

Sure, the media frenzy is crazy. But it’s better to be proactive on this one.

Think of it this way, detonation starts with a single speck…


I’m tired of hearing it’s just like the flu. It’s not and there is no medication for it. Yes people do die of the flu but COVID19 seems to be quite a bit more deadly.


It’s already happened. SKUSA was calling meetings last night to see if they were going to cancel this weekend.

USPKS has just cancelled the first event. This will affect everything and everyone at some point in some way.

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Challenge of the America’s has been cancelled/postponed as well.

My event Sunday is still on as of right now.

Next weekend race is postponed.

Reports from the grid at SKUSA saying they are kicking everyone off the grid and going into a holding pattern.

It sucks when you are at an event already, and running, to have it cancelled if they do. I know the IMSA race at Sebring was like that.

Yeah, what I’m hearing is local governments are putting bans on gatherings of 200+ people.

SKUSA wishing they had less entries now…

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At least they cancelled Sebring before anyone headed down there. They cancelled St Pete after a few practice sessions. Told everyone to pack everything up. Now the next potential race is Mid Ohio in May.

SKUSA just shut down and cancelled the weekend.

Our club race for this weekend at Calspeed was cancelled.

I was planning to go to GoPro next weekend but they just postponed their 3/21 event

Italy is a horror show right now. This is as serious as it gets. Make arrangements for elderly parents because it’s likely they’ll need to isolate for a fairly long duration. Reduce person-to-person contact. It does kill young healthy people too, but the absolute necessity is protecting vulnerable people.


Alan is correct. The elderly are the most vulnerable to succumbing to this. It may or may not not subside by Summer if the quarantine protocols, etc are effective.

Great way to start the new decade.

So it’s looking like my sim racing is gonna come in handy. That’s actually a sad thing to realize.


The UK is trying to delay the peak until the summer to avert a healthcare meltdown and negate the risk of a second wave next winters. We’re in this for the long haul.

I do hope it’s not as bad as it looks.

You’re right, it was St. Pete where the GT3 Cup was racing, I had it wrong.