IAME KA100 coming to America

(Peter Zambos) #86

I heard Paterno was up there, too. Did you get the chance to hear his take on it? I feel the need to say, that even I was very curmudgeonly about the KA initially, I find myself coming around to it (even now I’m suppressing the urge to go off on onboard starters). I’ll be interested to see if the KA at USPKS pulls down the numbers of Yamaha Sr. at Rt. 66, since some might not want to straddle the two series with two separate packages.

(TJ Koyen) #87

Probably not, unless there’s a regional/national race there, we generally only head down to CHMS to test early in the season since it’s usually the first track open and it makes a better test track and Badger.

@Peter_Zambos Yup, Michael and Joe were out as well. Michael seemed like he enjoyed driving it, Joe also seemed impressed by it already as well. They weren’t running a battery on theirs.

I’m also curious how it affects Yamaha at Route 66. For me, my main concern of course is the USPKS field, which is up to 22 pre-entries so that’s a really great start from my perspective.

And I hear you on the on-board starters… I was ranting about how awesome this engine would be as direct-drive at 330 pounds the other day.

(PJ Lyda) #88

I agree the motor would be great at 330 but I don’t know how many people Could race competitively at that weight due to how heavy the motor is.

(TJ Koyen) #89

Me. Just me.

I would have enough fun for 25 people though.

(Aaron Hachmeister) #90

Considering the 48 lbs. of lead I have on my seat I’d love a 330 weight class

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #91

Seeing that I’m 390 on my TAG with no weight on it, 330 is a featherweight dream!

(Nik Goodfellow) #92

330kg i could live with…

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #93

Haha, have fun trying to find someone to lift that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I could sell someone a helper for that lifting job. :grinning:

(Eric Vukich) #95

When everyone gets done running this weekend, I’m hoping for an update on their thoughts on the motor.

(James McMahon) #96

Welcome @Eric_Vukich. I’m sure @tjkoyen will have some feedback for us, hopefully some others from the USPKS race at GoPro as well.

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #106

Is the spec tire a MG Red for the KA100? I’m assuming so.

BTW- That sounds super fun. I’d be curious to see how many hours between top ends are needed and what engine life is like.

(TJ Koyen) #107

Yes, spec tire is MG Red.

(Ted Hamilton) #108

The MG reds seem to heat cycle well for this class… I was sliding them around, generally abusing them on corner exits to try to overcome lack of transfer in the rear and they still held up to 2 racedays, approx. 65-70 laps each day. I’ll use these for one more practice day, and use my Friday practice tires for a club raceday…

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #109

Good deal. We used to run the MG Reds until last season. It’s a good solid tire for something like this.

(Jason Allan) #113

Hi guys, it is good to hear your positive coments about what I think of as “Our” engine.

I have found in Aus. You can get a reasonable 6 months out of a Carby with out puting a kit through it, unless you really are chasing tenths. It is pretty simple, anyway, (and about $25aus) so it’s easier to maintain than the walbro we used on our yamaha’s.

Karting Australia changed our tyre from the MG red to a Dunlop DFM the second year of the KA100. Still a good tyre, but I would have preferred to stay on the MG. I think the motor combined with a hard tyre, makes it about the driver, more than the engine, and would have been better entry level karters.

Anyway, the dunlops aren’t too bad DFH would have been nice though.
Side note, I was under the impression MG wasn’t making the Red anymore.
Interesting that you guys still have it.

(James McMahon) #114

KA100 is now part of the WKA man cup:

(Daniel Agee) #115

I find it interesting that WKA replaced 206 Sr with the KA and they kept Yamaha in place, unlike USPKS dropping the KT for the KA. I like this move and agree with it.

(Aaron Hachmeister) #116

206 had 2 entries at the Man Cup in Dousman. USPKS was the same situation in Yamaha, so the decision makes sense for both groups

(James McMahon) #117

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