IAME KA100 coming to America


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I split the topic up a little here since this one is long enough for KA100…
I’m not 100% happy with the split but there you go.

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The split makes sense though. Cool beans.

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Oh I’ve made like theee more since :laughing:
Great topic though.

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Thumbing through the many iterations of this thread it would appear that our Australian friends have a rather adversarial relationship with the folks who run their karting series. There’s just straight up hatred in some of the posts regarding an engine. What the hell is going on down there to cause this level of passion?

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #130

That’s not just Australia. That’s a karting problem in general. #kartingpolitics

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Order of magnitude worse down there it seemed. Fisticuffs and all sorts of not good stuff.

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Got pics? lol…

(Bill Holt) #133

You should split the topic again for why some karters here hate Karting Australia.
I can admit some of the changes KA have made have been questionable, although on a whole they have been mostly positive. At least they are trying something!
But I think I can probably sum it up by saying that;
"The appearance of impropriety, while it may not actually be impropriety, should be avoided at all costs."
The National contracts for the supply of Karting equipment appear to have been give to friends of board members, and in one instance the supplier then sponsored a board members child to race.
While these things may or may not be illegal, the appearance of illegality has caused most of the issues.

My personal view is that someone is always going to make money out of the sport and I am not overly fazed who it is as long as the sport as a whole is not harmed. AND that is about where the arguments start.

If even 50% of what is written online is true I would be surprised, there are too many exkarters that love stirring the pot to cause trouble. In my own club we went through a tough time in the last few years that had nothing to do with KA and everything to do with the economy at the time, and as a club we are now rebuilding and things are looking really positive.
I have never witnessed any “fistycuffs” at any of the events I’ve been at, but then there is also a huge divide between the East and West, and a bigger proportion of the negativity against KA (in my opinion) is coming from the Eastern states.
Not to say that those in the West have no issues, we just tend to be isolated from the National scene due to the huge distance between us.