IAME KA100 Reviews and Feedback

The track map is decieving, the track is actually pretty fast and the hairpins are practically non-existent.
Here"s some onboard of Zach Holden a few years back winning there.
Granted this is x30 but still gives a good idea on corners. He sits on the rev limiter for half of the straight, so I imagine that gear for a track like this would be similar to NCMP.

What stops my engine from going north of 16,250ish rpm? I assumed there was a limiter.

Let’s say I wanted to detune engine to run at a max of 15k, what would allow me to do that?

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Your X30 has a limiter. If you wanted to change that limiter you would need a new set of electronics that had a 15k limiter.

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Probably going to be a taller ratio than at Speedsportz because it’s a much longer straight. It will be taller than anything we’ve ran before.

can anyone give me gearing targets for KA @ GoPro?

Their site lists 10/72 as a target gearing but for chain length reasons I’d prefer to run like 11/79 instead to get basically the same ratio.

Is there a specific reason to run the 10T driver at GoPro that should make me consider it over the 11? (ground clearance with smaller rear sprocket?)

That gearing sounds fine. The only place you would have clearance concerns would be the exit curbs in turns 6 and 7, but I don’t know if they let you go 4-off there like they do at national events anyway. Plus a 79 would probably clear that just fine anyway.

11/79 shouldn’t be an issue.

What’s everyone using for a secondary throttle return spring? …I’m assuming most organization are going to require one.

Andy, 11/79 would be preferred and should make more power to the ground by a few watts. Always run the largest sprockets possible for the gear ratio and ground clearance you need.

Are there any Pros to running the 11 tooth front rather than the 10 on the KA?

found the throttle return spring BTW…just wasn’t looking hard enough.

If the throttle feels too stiff, don"t be afraid to cut it down a little as I have to do.

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Next weekend I am running my first ever senior race coming from running KA Junior. We took the restricter off of the exhaust today and when we put the exhaust tube back into the engine it felt like it didn’t secure in properly and when we started the engine up quite a bit of exhaust smoke came out of the engine where the exhaust tube hooks up.

Is there another piece that needs to be put into the engine to hold the exhaust tube in correctly or am I doing something wrong?

Did all the old gasket come off and did you use a new gasket with the sr header?

Man I love this motor. Did my first this weekend with it and it was literally start and run all weekend. Didn’t have to mess with the needles other than a slight high speed adjustment for the main. So much more power than the 206 so it’s going to take a little to get used too.


Looking for input. I like to have spares and was looking at clutch parts. There are 2 options form IAME for drum’s. With or without holes. The one with holes is less than with, which seems odd, but why the two options and what would be the pro/cons of either. Anyone have experience with aftermarket clutch hubs?

You’ll probably never destroy one of the no hole clutch drums. I have a spare simply to have a drum with an eleven tooth driver mounted up for quick changes. The sprockets wear out and so do the clutches.

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What fuel does everyone use for the ka? I am currently using C12 but didn’t know if its more of an easier for the club to test or does it really need the octane.

Most organizations, the one with the hole is non-compliant. It used to be the standard clutch on the Swift motors a few years back, but not anymore.

I use both C12 and MS98L. C12 was the spec fuel last year, and this year MS98L is the spec fuel in the series we run. Most club races allow either fuel only since it is a transition year. We’ll also have to run C12 when we go to Battle at the Brickyard.

MS98L should produce a little more power, and it doesn’t really need the higher octane fuel.